The Power In Me

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Sigh... I envy the day someone will understand.

It all started waking up and looking in the mirror.

My eyes had become a bright blue, and the power had been enabled for me to see visions.

I told no one...


Now everyone thinks I am just a physco with bright blue eyes, always staring into space like an idiot.

You people, don't understand.


The day will come, when this will blow up right in there face. In all of their face's. If I see a misfortune in them? Haha nice try,  you're screwed.

I walked onto the icy sidewalk outside of my house and proceeded to my car. I turn the key and started the car and drove to school. I got to school, took out the key and took a deep breath. "Here we go"  I said to myself. My eyes stared up to the sky as I stepped out of the car. I then looked blanky to the door and walked in. I took my last deep breath and I finally stepped in.

When I got to homeroom, I sat down and imidiately I stared to the ceiling, and I seen it.

Mandee Karson? I see you. Your room is burning, and in the burning remains of your room, I see the F on your test were getting beck today. I hope you have a great day Mandee. 

I let out a little laugh.

I know it's evil, but hey. What have you done for me Mandee?

Lets make a list.

1. Made fun of me.

2.Gave me the nickname "icyeyes"

3. Hated since kindergarten.

4. Is a freaking stuck up snob prep that thinks she is better than everyone.


I looked at her. All the other preps surrounded her desk.

"Oh my gooosshh I will like totally text you tonight" Katie Mayrek said.

I hope your phone was in your room, snob.


"Hey icyeyes!" Mandee yelled.

"Shut up." I said.

"Haha, no thanks" She smirked.

I went up to her, and yelled, "I said, SHUT UP." 

"Who do you think you are?" She screamed.

"Im me." I said calmy. "Im not you, like all these other losers. Yeah, I called you losers. You are all pathetic, you waste all of your time following this donkey." I said

"You dont have any room to call other people donkeys." She said.

I glared at her, as the anger got higher, and

I flipped her desk over and crushed her.

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