You'll come again

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Tried so hard to suppress you,

Locked you in the closet.

I feel your banging, your thud,

You want to open it.

Used locks, used chains,

None of them is working.

You're stronger now,

Your strength is showing.

You kick, you scream,

Your voice is so loud.

I try so hard to block you,

You're trying to come out.

You're here, you're near,

You're right beside me.

A wicked grin,

Is all you give me.

I see it in your eyes,

I see it in your smile,

I see it in your grip,

I know this is your style.

We're past seduction,

You're in my brain.

You've controlled me,

I've gone insane.

A knife in hand,

You control me.

Slash my arms,

Now I bleed.

An hour will pass,

Then I'll be dead.

I'll be alive,

But you'll come again.

~Writing Tales of Love and Heartbreak ♥ ~

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