How to Apply to Tribal Group - Westhill Consulting Clinical Coding

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Please fill out this application form as fully as possible. All sections marked with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory fields and must be completed in order for you to successfully submit your application. Once you have completed a page, scroll to bottom and click ‘Next’ – this will take you to the following page.

To begin your application, please  click here

At the start of the process you will be able to create your own User ID and Password so you can save and return to your form before submitting it. These can be any combination of letters and characters that you can easily remember but your Password must be a minimum of 8 characters. To avoid any loss of data please ensure that you save your progress regularly - we strongly recommend doing this at least every 20 minutes. To do this, scroll to the bottom of the current page and click ‘Save Application’. To ensure you can return to a saved form please make sure you record your candidate login details. If you wish to complete the application without creating an account, click on ‘Skip Login’ at the bottom of the login creation page.

PLEASE NOTE: When you create a personal account you will receive an email which contains your account details, as well as a web link to the login page. Please ensure you check all folders in your email account, such as spam and trash etc, as well as your inbox, in case your mail provider is directing our emails there by mistake. If you click this link and enter your username and password you can access your personal Homepage. You need to access your candidate Homepage in order to:

Return to a saved application

Adjust your personal information

Adjust your password

View your application history

Withdraw an application

You can also return to a saved application by  clicking here.

The FIRST PAGE of the form is for you to record your personal details. 
The SECOND PAGE asks you a short series of application questions.

After you have submitted your application you will receive an automated email response.

If you have any queries or experience any problems with the online form our contact details are below:





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