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It was about 11:00 PM. I was dragged into a hotel room after a wild night of partying by a drunk boy. I laid down on the bed and stripped for him. He pulled down his boxers and pants to reveal a monster sized dick. It had to be atleast ten inches. I moaned at the sight of it. I grabbed the member and jerked him off until he was rock hard. I gave it a lick and laid him on the bed before mounting the cock. I rode it for hours.
"Ooh~" I moaned as I rode.
"Yes, fuck my dick." He moaned.
I bounced one last time as he came into me. I closed my eyes as he filled me up. He yelled as he came. I fell beside him, his dick still in me as he went limp. I watched it fall out of me as we cuddled together. I gave him head before we fell into a deep sleep.

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