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Michael's head rests against the window with annoyance across his face as he stares at the traffic in front of him.

"I'm too hot," he complains, crossing his arms with a pout.

Calum, who his resting against the steering wheel, sighs and looks at his fiancé. "Then roll the window down."

"There won't be any breeze, we aren't moving."

"Well if you're expecting me to put the air con on it's not going to happen. My battery will die," Calum explains, slightly irritated by Michael's complaining.

Michael groans and throws his head against the back of the seat,  "I told you we should've left earlier."

Calum ignores him and switches on the radio to check for the traffic report.

"There's been a major accident on the Bradfield Highway, and delays are expected to be up to three hours long."

"Are you kidding me!?" Michael exclaims when Calum turns the radio back off. "Why does the world suddenly hate me?"

Michael was, very clearly, having one of his bad days, and it honesty came at the wrong time. After throwing up at five in the morning after he thought he was over morning sickness, he travels for an hour in a stuffy car to get stuck in three hour delays when he's hungry, tired and aching and it's reaching 35°c outside. Bad day would be an understatement.

Calum taps his fingers on his steering wheel impatiently, eyes scanning the long queues. "Why don't you sleep?" Calum asks Michael, glancing over.

"Then you'd be alone. I'm not that mean."

"You'd do it any other time," Calum shrugs with a laugh.

Michael rolls his eyes and pulls his feet up so he was sitting cross legged in the passenger seat. Out of pure boredom, he started opening and turning stuff on in the car. He started with the visors, slightly checking himself out in the mini mirror inside before moving onto the dash. He rummages inside before his eyebrows shoot up and a smirk spreads across his face.

"Hey Cal," he holds up the condoms and wiggles them in Calum's face.

"We're not having sex in the car whilst stuck in traffic, people will see us. And besides, it'll be uncomfortable for you," Calum shakes his head.

Michael pouts and puts the condoms back into the dash. "Everything is uncomfortable for me anyway," he sulks.

Calum places his hand on Michael's knee and rubs it, giving him a light smile. "It's okay. Hey, listen, seeing as we're stuck in this traffic why don't we try and decide on baby names?" He suggests and Michael turns to look at him.

"Okay," he nods. "I have a few."

"I like the names Oscar and Koda," Calum starts.

"Koda? As in the bear off brother bear?" Michael asks. Calum blushes and looks away.

"No," he says.


"Okay yes, but it's  cute name you have to admit."

Michael chuckles and rolls his eyes at his fiance. "You're a nerd."

Five hours later, Calum pulls into his parents driveway. Michael fell asleep an hour before the traffic started moving and slept the rest of the way.

Calum shuts off the engine, and leans back in his seat with a sigh. He glances at Michael who's curled up in his seat with his knees pulled to his chest (or as close to his chest as they could get) and his head resting against the window.

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