Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Unknown POV

I've been watching her from a far for days now. she hasn't sensed me yet which is strange because she usually was good at knowing when danger is lurking and I can say that I am a little dangerous. I stand behind the tree line just underneath the shadows of the trees. I am totally rocking the creeper status right now, but I have to see her. I haven't seen her in 4 years and I've been tracking her down for ages and now I've finally found her and this time she won't be getting away so easily.


Light shined through my eyelids waking me up before the alarm clock. I blinked slowly as I stretched my muscles and looked around my room. I rubbed my tired eyes. I barely got any sleep last night. A certain sea-blue eyed boy kept me up all night. God I sound like a love sick teenager. I swing my legs over to the side and stretch noisily, it gets lonely being by myself all the time. I guess that's just how it has to be, I can't let anyone into my life.

I walked over to my built in bathroom and turned the shower on. What I need right now is a good warm wake up shower. I strip fast and slip into the warm water, it's easily soothing my tight muscles. I grab my blackberry vanilla shampoo and conditioner and lather it into my hair, giving myself a gentle scalp massage. I wash it out of my hair and grab my body wash, the familiar vanilla scent wafts up to my nostrils incasing me in it's delicious scent. After standing in the shower for 45 minutes I step out, grabbing the towel that is next to the shower. I wrap it around my body and one to dry my hair.

Looking into the mirror I decided today would be my lazy day. My hair is natural curly so I put it a lazy bun and use bobby pins to push loose strands back. Stepping out of the bathroom I headed straight to my closet and found my dark wash jeans that fit snug against my body and my soft fleece purple sweater draped over my shoulders. I decided to wear my favorite pair of combat boots, one because they are stylish and two if I have to outrun a certain alpha.

Happy with my look I bounded over to wear my book bag lay and rummaged through making sure I had everything I needed for the day. Satisfied that I did I skipped down the stairs feeling a sudden burst of energy sweeping through me in a rush making me a little dizzy.

Once I was downstairs I try to find something healthy for breakfast but all I found was my coco puffs nestled in the cabinet above my fridge.Hey I'm not mad mama likes her some coco puffs.I found a bowl, spoon, and milk to go with my coco puffs. I sat there munching on my cereal enjoying the silence until it was time to go to school. Yay Monday! Note sarcasm.

I walked out my apartment making sure to lock it because you never know about those cray cray people here in the complex.

(A/N I don't think I've ever told you guys where they are but they are in Colorado and their school is called Rocky High cliche I know anyways on to the story)

I walk over to my bike and put my helmet and secure my bad against my body so it doesn't go flying in the wind. I rev the engine and back out of the parking space and out into the road.

15 minutes later


It doesn't take that long to get to the school, the hard part is finding a parking space I mean it's like everyone showed up to school. Who does that anymore? I circle the lot at least 3 times before I find a parking space. Yes, I think, finally happy that I found a space. I make a move to go into the space and I'm about to go in there but a Mercedes beats me to it and in the process almost hits me.

"Hey" I yell angry at the person who just cut me off. I didn't see the person who was in the car but once they stepped out of the car I knew I was dealing with the Queen Bitch. There are telltale signs for the spotting of said species. First thing to look for is loaded make up on their face aka Cake Face. Second thing to look for is if they are wearing clothes or cloth like things that resemble a cat attack before they came to school. I stared at this girl trying calming myself before I rip her head off.

"Bitch did I stutter?" I ask her," why the fuck did you cut me off." She just scoffed and looked me up and down.

"Who the hell are you, slut?" she sneers in the most desperate voice ever. The fuck she just call me? I rose my eyebrow.

"Have you looked in a mirror lately, don't call be a slut you ho" I say anger bubbling through my veins. Her face scrunches up making her even more hideous.

"You bitch do you know who I am I am Dianne Blake and I will ruin you if you try to cross me again," she says as she struts up to me trying to look menacing. I sniff her out and I find she's a werewolf. she's probably in Drake's pack which makes it even more reason why I don't want to be in a pack.

"Guess what bitch," I lean in and get in her face,"i don't give a fuck,"I shove past her and walk confidently towards the building. this is gonna be an interesting year.


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