New neighbor

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Today was different,  when I woke up I felt that something was off. My dad went to work early and he left me alone at my house. My dad is those overprotective parents, I hate it so much. I cant have a damn boyfriend because they are scared of him. But he cant stop me now that I am a senior in High School. What he doesnt know is that I plan to seduce the new neighbor.

The guy living next door is so hot. He name is Brandon. He just moved to Cali. from New York. He lives with his dad and little sister. His bedroom is on the second floor on the same side as mine. He loves sleeping in boxers and he has an amazing body. I guess you can say I'm his stalker. He just moved in a week ago.

As I went to the kitchen I had the feeling of being watched. I thought it was just my mind playing games with me. I ate breakfast and went into the living room to watch t.v. It  was around 1 in the afternoon when I went upstairs to take a shower. I started undressing my self, I was about to get into the shower when the door bell rang. I wrapped myself in my green towel and went downstairs. I looked in the peephole and saw Brandon.

I knew that this would be the only chance that I got. When I opened the door, his eyes widened,  he studdered for a bit then said Hi, my name is Brandon. Im new and my dad is making me come next door and introduce myself. I had not real payed much attention to his features. He had blue eyes, brown hair, and really plumped lips. I was mesmerized by his looks. He then snapped me back into reality by slowly placing his lips on mine. I without realizing moved in sync with his. He start to come in the house. He closed the door behind him and locked it. While still kissing him, he started to lift his shirt up revealing his toned body. I roamed my hands on his stomach and although he wasnt as fit as most guys, he still had a body. We only parted for a bit so he could remove his shirt. We went back to making out, while trying to find my room. We slowly made our way up the stairs and when we reached my bedroom ALL HELL BROKE LOSE. We were making out like animals. He started to unbucklehis pants and was struggling to get them off. I noticed and I pushed him onto my bed. I went for his zipper and slowly took his pants off. When I went for his boxers I let my fingers graze his dick. It arosed when my fingers left it. When I took his boxers off, my hand automatically went for his shaft. I licked his tip just to tease him. When I looked up at his face he had his eyes closed and was moaning. In one quick motion I started deep throating him. Everytime his dick went deep in my mouth I felt him grow harder. I was playing with his balls, he started to moan louder than before. When I stopped, he got up from my bed then vame face to fave with me and pushed me on my bed. He slowly started to take the towel off of my body, when he saw my body his dick was throbbing. He started to go between my legs and kiss my thighs. When he got to my clit, I was so impatient that I started to whimper. He teased me, as I had to him. When he started sucking on my pussy I was dying inside. I bucked my hips forward so he could get a better angle of my pussy. I couldnt hold it any more and I let everything out. I had one of my best orgasams ever. He was ready for him but he got next time me and said to go to sleep. He was cuddled up next to me, so his body heat made me doze off.

I woke up screaming, but not a regular scream, a moan scream. I cant believe my hot neighbor decide to wake me up by fucking me. I dug my nails in his back, he kept thrusting in and out of me and every time that he did I screamed in joy. He was not holding back because he was moaning and fucking me with all of his might. With a few more thrust I had my orgasam and he cummed.

All I could say to him was Welcome to the neighborhood

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