[5] Dreams

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•»•«•AMELIA SWAN valued the meaning of dreams

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AMELIA SWAN valued the meaning of dreams. Often she dreamt of things happening and a week later, they did. Sometimes she remembers her dreams, sometimes she doesn't.

When she looked at Jasper in music class she recognized him, not in the way you recognize a friend in the crowd, but in the the way that you look at somebody and they remind you of someone you've seen before but can't remember.

"Hey, Bells?" Amelia asked, setting her bag down in the car. Her sister looked rather angry but she brushed it off. Bella grunted, signaling for her sister to go ahead. "In music class today, there was this boy, it think he was one of the ones the mean brunette-"

"Jessica." Bella said, knowing her sister didn't mean to be rude. Amelia couldn't help it if she wasn't really paying attention when Jessica introduced herself.

"Yeah her! I think he was one of the people she introduced in the Cafeteria." Amelia said, sitting crosslegged in the seat as Bella pulled away from the school. "He seemed familiar to me, but I don't know why."

Amelia's sister sighed as she drove, "The same way our principle last year reminded you of Voldemort?"

Amelia frowned, "No, not that way. Though now that you mention it, the one you were staring at in the cafeteria looks a lot like Ced-"

"Amelia, as much as I'd love to hear this, can we get back on track. Is it possible you've met this boy before?" Bella asked gently.

Amelia tapped her chin with a finger, "Possibly, you know how bad my memory is."

"Yes I know. What was the brunette girls name?" Bella tested.

"Oh no." Amelia groaned. It hadn't been five minutes since Bella told her. She couldn't help it, she sometimes forgot small details on favor of remembering more important stuff. "Jennifer?"

The laugh from Bella told her she was wrong.

Amelia stared out the window in her nightgown wistfully. One day, she promised, Peter Pan will come take me away.

She glanced at the starless night sky, But not this day.

She let the window stay open and climbed into bed. On a canvas was a newly started painting. It was the outline of the blonde beauty from the cafeteria. Maybe one day she'd give it to her.

She fell asleep to the sound of crickets and dreamt of lost boys and the mysterious Jasper from her music class.


At home, Jasper smashed a vase. Emmett and Henry grabbed his arms and forced him to sit down.

"What's wrong with you, man? Esme will kill you!" Henry said, nervously glancing at the broken shards of glass.

"It's the swan girl." Jasper spat.

"Who? The Bella girl or the loony one?"

Jasper glared at Emmett. "Her name is Amelia!"

"What's the problem then?" Henry asked, one minute he was mad at her and the next he was defending her.

"I want to kill her so much! But I'm so drawn to her."

Henry hunched over and started laughing when those words left Jasper's mouth. "Oh man, you found your mate. Wow, I can't believe I won the bet."


"Oh uh," Emmett chuckled and nudged Henry. "We had a bet going you see, who would find a mate first, you or Edward."

"Well I hate to tell you, but I'm pretty sure Edward found his. Sorry Henry."

"God damn it!"

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