Chapter 7

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Your POV

I woke up the next day from my slumber.I rubbed my eyes trying to rub some sleep out of my eyes.I got out of bed, slamming the alarm of.I placed my feet in my sleepers and walked straight to my bathroom.

I slammed the door shut and stripped out of my pjs.I stepped in the shower and turned on the water.Once it landed on my back I sighed and then I remembered what happened last night.I blushed crimson red at the thought of it.I soon shrugged it of and continued my wash.

Once I was done I walked out and got dressed with the clothes that were hung up next to the sink.I got out from the bathroom and went down stairs.While I was walking I was making my hair into a french braid.I sat near the counter and looked at my mom's back.

"Good morning mom"I told her smiling and she turned around smiling back to me.

"Good morning sweaty!You sound much better today.How was your sleep?"She asked me and I blushed furiously.Her smile faded and turned into a worried look.

"Honey?Have you got a fever?"She asked clearly worried.

"W-W-What?Pftttt, me?Why would I have a fev-Oh look at the time I'm gonna be late bye mom"I said running to the counter and grabbing a breakfast bar and ran out of the house.

Once I closed the door I sighed and started walking to school.I ate my bar once in a while and looked around.I haven't really searched Paris normally.Maybe I could go with mom and dad for dinner and then walk for a bit.

I reached the gates of the school and once I stepped inside I was embraced in a bear hug.I broke the hug to see Alya and Marinette.

"Y/N are you ok?!?!?We were so scared after what happened yesterday."Marinette asked.

"Yeah girl we were so worried!So you can talk now?"Alya asked me.

"Yes I can.I am ok.I was surprised that you two were so worried for me.I don't know you so long and-"I was cut of my rumbling by Marinette.

"That's not true.Of course we would be worried.We would be worried even if we knew each other only yesterday.That's what friends are for"Marinette stated and I blushed.

"W-were friends?"I asked surprised."Of course we are girl"Alya giggled and I rubbed the back of my head embarrassed.The bell rang and we went inside.

I was greeted with Nino and we talked for a while until the teacher came in.Apparently Adrien was sick and couldn't come to school.What a shame.

Adrien Pov

"Uhhhh"I groaned and turned in bed.

"Kid why didn't you go to school?Your are not sick."Plagg stated and I groaned even more.

"Yes I am"I told him and he shot me an eyebrow.

"And what is your sickness?"Plagg asked munching some camembert.

"I'm sick in love"Now it was Plagg's turn to groan.

"I couldn't meet Y/N at school today!After what happened yesterday, I would become a total blushing mess."I told him but he didn't answer.I looked at him and saw him sleeping.I just shook my head and said in my head that I'll pay her a visit at night.

Your POV

School had just finished and the weekend just started.Yay!I cheered in my mind.I walked home and I greeted mom and dad.

"Hey mom,hey dad"I kissed them on their cheeks and they hugged me.

"Hello darling.How was school?"Asked dad.

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