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Plane Wrong

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(Warnings: plane rides, private plane, George Washington's Birthday 🎉 yay!!, dang its early in the morning, what's sleep anyway, phone call from Pence, shorter chapter)
(Y/n POV)
Finally headed to D.C. Funny, how George appeared just before his birthday. I nudged him slightly, him towering over me as we boarded the private plane provided for us.
"Well, happy two hundred and eighty fifth birthday today, Mr. Washington." I said.
"You know, I never thought I would ever hear so,some say that to me.. Thank you." He chuckled.
Laurens plopped down into a large chair on the plane and yawned, stretching his arms upwards. "I've never been to D. C., so this will be cool."
"Well, the White House is going to be much different, as it was burned to the ground when I was in office." James gracefully sat down in a similar chair by a window.
The pilot came out and introduced himself before locking himself back into the cockpit.
F/n strapped themselves down to the couch in order to take a nap. The private phone rang, and I heard a loud, "its for you guys!" from the cockpit as he rounded for takeoff.
I hastily picked it up. It was kinda like a landline phone, wired to the wall of the plane. Weird using a phone in a plane. I put it up to my ear. "Hello?"
"Hello, is this Miss Y/n L/n?" I heard.
I confirmed with a simple: "Yes, this is she."
"Vice President Mike Pence here. It's great to finally get in contact with you."
I clicked the speaker button as my face reddened with slight embarrassment and unease. I'm not used to talking to such figures, even if I hate them. Even if I was talking to the man who advocated for anti-gay conversion therapy and killed over nine thousand people with an HIV outbreak in Indiana, but I digress.
"Uh, same with you, Mr. Vice President." I choked out.
Jodie looked at me and made a face of disgust. She almost made me laugh. Bf/n and F/n were holding in their laughter and trying to remain quiet.
Alexander leaned closer and listened in.
"I trust your plane is on its way?"
"Yes, we'll just be taking off in about ten minutes. Should arrive in Washington in an hour, but I'm guessing you already knew most of the details, as you and President Trump are organizing this whole event." I said.
"Of course! Even with the late arrival of the proven George Washington! If he can hear this, tell him it's going to be an honor to meet him, all of you! Oh and happy birthday to you, Mr. Washington." Pence said, and I could tell he had an excited grin on his old ugly face through the phone.
"It will be an honor to meet you too, Mr. Vice President." Thomas said graciously, hiding his sarcasm.
Alexander coughed, "Useless job..."
Burr shrugged, "I made good use of it."
Alex shoved him slightly, "Yeah, you shot me."
George leaned forward in his seat and rested his elbows on his knees. "It will be an honor to be in the capital with you and the sitting president, Mr. Vice President." Of course, I know he really was neutral on the issues. I still haven't told him much of how politically divided America was today, but good for him.
Soon, Pence hung up and Laurens smirked softly. He leaned closely to Jodie, Bf/n, F/n and I. "He totally has a gay voice."
Jodie spat her water ten feet. "Oh my god."
Oh John Laurens.
Then F/n raises an eyebrow questioningly and grins lopsidedly. "Does Mike Pence is gay?"
Mostly everyone not used to it, even Jodie flinched backwards as the plane lifted off of the ground. Mulligan pressed his face against a window. "We're getting really fucking high."
"And we're going to get higher." F/n remarked.
Lafayette was being silent. I got up and shuffled over to him at the weird angle we were flying at.
"Lafayette, please just join in on the conversation." I cleared my throats and spoke louder as Lafayette decided to humor me. "So, who's excited to get there?"
Lafayette chuckled and smiled warmly. "I most positively cannot wait to be international recognized again... Especially considering the world will be watching, not just France or America."
"I've never been in front of so people.... millions,  billions of people will require a whole bottle of scotch to ease my nerves." Jefferson chortled.
"I'm going to be gracious, and respectful of President Trump. You know, Alexander, talk less... smile more?" Burr shot him a smile, looking up from his book.
Alexander rolled his eyes and laughed softly. "Yeah yeah, well if I get the chance, I'm giving him a good piece of my mind."
Jefferson looked agreeing.
James too, "Odds are I'll just let you two have the fun of being debating people."
Washington eyed the three of them, them back to me. "Is this President rather...unpopular?"
"Very. Less than a forty percent approval rating."
"Good god, better hope we don't get these three locked in a room with him." Mulligan teased.
Laurens shrugged. "I dunno, I guess I'll kind of just hang to the back, maybe look at the turtles in the... what was it, Reflection Pool in between the," he nodded to George, "Washington monument and Lincoln memorial."
"Who's Lincoln?" Mulligan asked.
This is going to be a flight of conversation, oh joy, who needs sleep anyway?

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