(Love Live Sunshine!!) Kanan Matsuura x Depressed! Reader Part 1.

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This chapter has very sad parts. If you have depression please don't read it. I could trigger something.

Your P.O.V

       Warm, salty tears streamed down my face. I stood tall even though I was shaking. I had finally lost it... My mom has always yelled at me, blaming me for my father's death. I knew it wasn't, but I still hate it when she yells at me and I've finally had enough.

I stood on the edge of the docks, looking out at the huge, blue sea. It was so beautiful that it beckoned people to drown themselves in their thoughts.I only had one thing to loose and I wish I didn't... my girlfriend. I love her, but I can't handle this anymore,"I'm so sorry Kanan.. Good-"

"(Y/n)!! Stop!,"..Hanamaru. What is she doing here. I turn around and see my 9 friends at the edge of the dock on the beach. They all stayed back not wanting to scare me.

"(Y/n), please don't do this," Kanan begged. The tears already streaming down my face grew heavier. She held out her hand,"Please, come to me, I'm begging you". I shook my head. I couldnt go to her, it was already to late. They all took a few steps toward me, but I took a step back, stopping their advances. 

"I-I'm sorry..I have to," my words came out weak, almost pathetic like. I slowly lean of the edge, exhaling as much as I can. The cold water surrounded me in a warm hug. I slowly breathed in letting the water enter my lungs. Everything started turning black instantly. My ears starting ringing and everything stopped.

Kanan's P.O.V.

I hugged her body as tight as I could and pulled her above the sea. "I've got her!," I shouted to the others. I quickly pulled her on the beach and started C.P.R. In..out..in..out.  Nothing, she wouldn't respond. 

Finally, the ambulance got there and took her away. I ran with Chika to her house to get a ride. In fact, everyone  came with us. The van was packed, but we managed to get to the hospital. We got there, then escorted to her room, and I heard it flat line.

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