Twenty six. Enyah and her sick mission

My Gosh! It’s my coolest friend, Enyah.

“So… what’s up?”

“Well, I was just around the vicinity. Trying to go back to where I came from. And, I bumped to some friends. Particularly Bryyan, Polo, Benchi, Jowl. I’ve heard that you weren’t keeping in touch with them anymore. What happened?”

“Oh. Those friends. I actually forgot them already. It’s been ages since we’ve last talked. I really don’t have the guts to face them. After everything. I realized that being friends with them is just a phase. A part of my childhood. And, there’s no point of bringing back puppy love and childhood memoires. Besides, we have our own careers, lives to be exact. So why bother?”

“So, I can still sense that angst you have on one of them. Or should I say… all of them?”

“Well, don’t start on that one. Uhm.. I’m just wondering En, why did you come back? Not that it’s rude for me to ask, but I thought things are doing great with you in your new hometown? What happened?”

“Things. Failure to find the right career. I don’t know where to start. I’ve been dealing with so many things. Everything seems to falter. And I’m getting restless with these stuffs.”

Oh. I thought she was living the life that I can’t.

“So.. you think going back here will make something? Hmmm.. how could I help?”

“Girl, I really don’t know how. But I think I can get by. Right now, I’m enjoying every single moment that I get to spend for all it’s worth. Hmmm.. I know, and I can feel that you don’t want to talk about BBPJ, but I really want to catch up. What did I miss? What happened to you?”

“Hmmm.. ok, miss persistent. Bryyan was ok, until his used-to-be-nice-sister eventually turned into surprisingly-evil-sister and barge into our friendship.. everything was lost and there’s no picking up of harshness until now.

“Next, Benchi. He’s still the weirdo who used to parade inside the chapel. We never talked. All I can remember when I see his face is the memory of me telling you both that I will soon get my own reading glasses. And sure it does make sense! Now I have my own pair of glasses.

“And Polo? Polo is still Polo. What was the drastic change? I don’t know. And I’m quite curious about how he became that chubby! He used to be charming, cute and thin. Now he’s like I don’t know. It’s like I wanna say ‘Hu u?’ every time I see him.”

“Ok. I agree with you. Polo was really different now. But he is still Polo, right? Like our friend? Hmmm.. oh, I missed that line.. it seems that you don’t know him anymore? Hmmm.. Maybe because you don’t talk to them anymore? Maybe because things changed and there are a lot of things going on? Is that it?”


“And what about Jowl?”

“Jowl? Jowl is still Jowl. Still the snobbish type. The mute. The I-will-not-talk-to-you-because-I-don’t-feel-like-talking-to-you type. And I guess, he already told you that I wrote him a letter asking for him to get to know, catch up, and be friends again. Which yes, he never replied and he just.. I don’t know. Perhaps, burned or just made me a living laughing stock.”

“No. You really did that? Neither of the boys told me about a thing of whatever you said.”

So, okay. I stand corrected. So, what did those boys told you? What? More rude things? More humiliating things? Cmon. Spill the crap, I ain’t got a whole day for these rubbish.

“What? They didn’t? So what did you talk about, then? Did they acknowledge you?”

“Uhm.. yeah, they did acknowledge me, but they didn’t say anything about what you’ve mentioned to me just now. It’s such a blast! I can’t imagine my old friends to be in this state! I mean, what happened to us? Was time that evil for us to be this way?”

“I don’t know. I tried to reach out. But it seems that they don’t care. And I felt like I made a fool out of myself. So, it was really hard for me to get over. And I don’t wanna make a move anymore. But… wait! So, since they didn’t mention anything about this, then what did they say?”

“Hmmm.. stuffs. Their careers, their new life, how they missed you.”


“Please don’t make up things. They won’t and they don’t. Please En, don’t put words into their mouth.”

“But I am not that type of person, Hana, and you know that. I am sincerely saying these things not because I realize what happened to my friends. But because you asked me and I’m just honestly answering to those questions.”

“Okay. So why will they miss Hana? It’s not as if something is cooking isn’t it?”

“They missed you. That’s it. They miss Hana because, according to Bry, you were aloof with them ever since. They haven’t heard anything from you. They see you but it seems you don’t see them.”

“Oh. Crap. Just pure crap. Don’t you ever listen to that crap and shit about what Bry missing the Hana-they-once-knew thing. It’s full of crap, cause if they mean it.. I bet they can figure things out and they’ll do something about it.”

Enyah didn’t respond. She understand and she won’t push it anymore.

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