And the Meek Shall Tap!

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You thought you knew how a story should be written. Think again!

In an article, Allen Lau, the co-founder of Wattpad - and a lovely man in the flesh - commented that they want to challenge that belief. With TAP, the new app from @Wattpad, they've done just that.

Have you ever wondered what the person sitting next to you is texting? Have you taken a sideways glance to find out? What if they were plotting murder? What if they were cheating on their spouse? What if they were secretly dating a celebrity and were planning on telling the media? With TAP, you can enter that world.

Using TAP, with its innovative design, you read the stories, each taking only around five minutes to complete (so perfect for our busy lives), by simply tapping the screen. As you tap, the next part of the conversation is shown. That's right, conversation! Each story is a text message conversation. How cool is that? With purely dialogue, you get drawn into another's life and find yourself wanting to shout at the screen!

Don't go there! Turn around! Don't answer!

It's so addictive.

There's already a wealth of amazing content from such authors (besides myself - writing as Shaun Allan, Isobella Alexandria and Misty Hyde) as @gregcarrico, @brittaniecharmintine, @finnyh, @kellyanneblount, @rebeccasky, @ms_horrendous and many more.

You're welcome to write your own stories and share them with your friends. Use the hashtag #TapByWattpad when sharing on social media to make sure stories are discovered! More imporantaly, HAVE FUN!

Here's some of my stories already on TAP, with much more to come.


Running Late:


The Closet:

Old Friends:


Lunch with Love:

The Dare:


Read more on my website:


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