With the silence of a funeral, Marissa stood atop on a crumbling gargoyle, watcing the surging crowd like some sort of sadistic God as the chaos folded out before her. From here, she could see a familiar redhead holding a girl with bushy hair back as she screamed relentlessly a name they had all came to know. Looking backwards, her knuckles whitening as her grip on the gargoyle's horn intensified, her eyes scoured the destroyed castle that they had all come to call home, skimming over the debris of castle and lifeless bodies scattering the ground like the clothes across her bed.

She turned away from the sight, tears threatening to wet her lashes. She watched the giant fold forward like a lawn chair as a cold, dead laugh filled the tense air. Hagrid crumbled to his knees, his howls of despair splintering her heart whilst he cradled the corpse of Harry Potter like a small child going back and forth, back, and forth, and back...and forth. As the monster with the snake-like nose and torn robes spoke, Marissa could only hear the sound of blood rushing through her ears, her eyes unable to leave Harry.

Time had slowed down at a particular moment during this horrific nightmare they now had to call reality. As Voldermort's icy voice flooded over the riot of devasted students of Hogwarts, she watched Harry's wand slipped from his hand and clattered onto the stone floor.

Harry Potter was dead.