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Intense Thirty-nine




Nagising na ako, I’m lying beside hon. I cuddled her and embraced her, her back against my front. I can smell her scent. All with fragrant feminine body wash, and lotion from a while ago that I’ve rubbed all over her, and sweat. I can smell her sweat, that scent, scent that has been brought up by our erotic demonstration. I nuzzled my nose behind the area of her ears, bit it and lick it. Then I moved and succeeded on her throat and neck.

Dahil dun, naalimpungatan si hon. I smiled at her. I kissed her eyelids and spoke between my kisses.

“I.Love.You.Beautiful.Are.You.Hungry?” she began to move and rest her back on the mattress. She managed to smile, a very tired wry smile. Inabot niya ang ulo ko and she kissed me. I just let her and return her very sexy and wet kiss.

Pagkatapos nun, tinignan niya ako. “Not really. Ayokong kumain, baka sabihin mo ulet na nag-aalaga ka ng baboy”, suddenly, after she said that, the line of smile on my face began to fade, I then felt guilty and obtuse. Why the hell would I say that to my ‘pregnant’ girlfriend? Of course it’s normal that her appetite be doubled or even tripled than usual. Fuck! I’m a god-awful boyfriend. Though I meant it as a joke, dapat hindi ko pa din sinabi yun.

I know it. I know that every time I’ll ask her to feed herself, that thought, me saying, ‘I’m raising a pig in here” well always comes before inside her mind. That something I haven’t thought about and say it, and I know, I hurt her deep inside. If I can also travel back in time, I’ll rephrase and make my statement more pleasurable and complimenting.

Jeez! What have I done? I began to move, and I sit on the side of the bed, my elbows are rested on my knees and my face buried on my palms. I regret saying that; can I forgive myself for saying that? What the fuck was I’m thinking?

“Sorry hon… I truly am”, I apologized sincerely. I breathed heavily; I want to exasperate this dumbness and recklessness of mine away from me. I should think everything I’ll say through before releasing them.

After then, naramdaman ko nalang na gumalaw ang bed, and then kalaunan nun naramdaman ko nalang na may humawak sa bandang braso ko and kissed it tas I’ve been  pulled against hon’s from body. I can feel her bosoms pressed against my back. At binaon niya ang mukha niya sa may likuran ko.

“Sorry for saying earlier that  I’m raising….”, I’ve shut into a halt. Inabot niya ang mukha ko at pinalingon ako sa kanya saka ako hinalikan. A deep, kiss full of love and understanding.

When she broke our kissing, tatapusin ko na sana ang sasabihin ko at humingi ulet ng tawad sa kanya but then, she placed her fingers on my mouth kaya naman napatigil ulet ako.

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