17: My Way to Believing

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{A/N Hey everyone! So, I figured we should take a break from the Supernatural stuff and go to pure Jaythan-ness! This chapter has no demons or angels or anything, I promise. :) xx ~Pickles}

Jay's POV

Where is my suit?!?! I searched frantically around the room but I couldn't find it. I'd have to ask my mother where she put it.

I caught glimpse of a suit sticking out in the closet. I looked, but it was Nathan's.

Which meant he had mine in the shower.

I knocked on the door. "Hey Nathan? You grabbed my suit on accident."

"Did I? I'm sorry. You can switch it out if you want," he called from within. "This shower curtain covers everything anyway."

I chuckled and swung the door open. Nathan peeked his head out from behind the curtain and smiled. "Hiya."

I smiled back. "Hello." I then swapped out the suits and looked back at Nathan. I could see the beginning of his bare chest, muscular and lightly tanned, with water dripping down. Damn.

I then left the room and changed into my suit outside. Bowtie? Yes, bowtie! I grabbed my dark blue one and stood in front of the mirror. Hair. Curly mess. I grabbed a hairdryer and plugged it in, letting it dry my bouncy curls. I combed them down a little and stepped back, straightening my suit. Not bad for a school dance.

I tiptoed downstairs to the basement and found the white rose I had bought the day before. I rushed up the stairs and put the stem in my mouth. I stood in front of the bathroom door, waiting for Nathan to open it.

He finally did, with a look of absent-mindedness on his face. He saw me and a wide grin spread across his face. He, also, was wearing his suit, and his hair was straightened and dry. He looked...perfect.

"Oh, Jay," he said, laughing. "Is the rose really necessary?"

"Of course it is, a rose is a necessary item to give to your perfect boyfriend," I replied, grinning and taking the rose from my teeth. I got down on one knee and offered it up to him. Nathan took it with a bright smile.

"I love you, you know that?" he said, hiding his face behind the flower.

A thought struck me. That was the first time one of us had said "I love you" to the other.

I pulled him in close to me by the waist and brought my lips to his ear. "I love you too, Nath," I whispered before going in for a slow kiss.

Someone knocked thrice on the door. "Boys," my mum called. "Tom and Kels are here to pick you up!"

I reluctantly pulled away from Nathan, sighing as his lips left mine. "Coming!" I called back. I opened the door. "After you."

Nathan smiled and stepped out the door and I followed behind.

Kelsey was waiting for us by the front door. She was wearing a short pink dress and had just the right amount of makeup on. She squealed when she saw us. "Aww! You guys look so cute! Tom's in the car, waiting."

Nathan blushed. "You look amazing, Kelsey."

"Why thank you." She turned and walked towards the car, heels clicking along the stone path. We followed behind her and slid into Tom's car.

"Looking spiffy, Bird," he said, starting to drive away. "You look great, Nath."

"I can't see you from this angle but I'm sure you look bloody awful," I joked.

Tom laughed loudly. "It's true, I look like a dork. Anyway, Siva and Nareesha are there already. Max is coming alone."

"Aww, Maxie doesn't have a date?" Nathan said.

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