Author's Note

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Hiya!~ Kirishimeth here. Just a quick note: I found a file that I had prepared around a year ago for some reason...I think I got bored or something and started typing it up after listening to a Vocaloid song; it's a side story with Rin and the characters of Hakuouki. It'll be Chapter 22.5 and I'll upload it before Chapter 23. So while I work on Chapter 23, you guys enjoy 22.5~~

I still need to complete 22.5 and edit it a bit, but that's not much to do since most of the main content is done. So ayyye, wait for Chapter 22.5 first. I'll put it up in a bit after this note.

I'll see you all in Chapter 22.5~

P.S: I'll be releasing them in two parts.

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