Chapter 26

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I woke up this morning naked and numb. I looked to my left and saw a note on the pillow:


I'll be back later to take you to the airport.

I got out of the bed, but my knees kinda buckled and I almost fell. My thighs were numb and my vagina was sore. I then realized why I was like this and laughed to myself.


I managed to get to the bathroom without falling over. I got in the shower and thankfully I was able to stand. After about an hour, I got out of the shower, wrapped a towel around my body and brushed my teeth. I clumsily walked back in my room and got dressed. I put on black basketball shorts, a black hoodie, black nike socks I took from Darrell and black nike slides.

When I finished getting dressed, I decided to clean up a little bit. I washed dishes, swept the floor, straightened up the living room & washed the sheets on my bed. Afterwards, I sat in the living room an put together the surprises I had for Blake, DJ & Monique. I set everything up and put a note on the counter.

*An hour later*

Knock knock!

I opened the door and Blake came in.

"Why are you walking like that?" he asked.

"Don't act like you don't know," I said getting my bags.

"Sorry about that," he said with a smirk.

"Don't be," I winked.

I went in my room to get my phone and came back out to see Blake's smirk was gone.

"Why do you look so sad?" I asked walking toward him.

He opened his arms for me to hug him and I did.

"Do you really have to go?" he asked.

"Unfortunately, yes."

We pulled away, but I really didn't want to. His hugs always made my day. I got my bags, walked out and I locked the door behind me. When I looked in the car, I saw Monique and DJ.

"What are yall doing here?"

"We came to surprise you," Monique said smiling.

I smiled and got in the backseat with her.


When we got to the airport, I got everything situated but still had some time before my flight left. When I walked back over to Monique, Blake and DJ, they looked so upset. I don't like seeing them like this. I decided to tell them goodbye individually.

I walked up to Monique first. Her eyes started to water as soon as I looked at her.

"Monique don't you dare cry because if you start, then I'm gonna start."

She laughed a little, "don't wait so long to come back."

"I won't."

I gave her a tight hug.

"Take care of these two," I told her.

I moved on to DJ who looked so sad. We just kinda looked at each other for a minute before saying anything.

"Don't forget about me, okay?"

"I could never," he said.

I gave him a hug then moved on to Blake. Man was this gonna be hard. I took his hands in mine and just looked at him. I didn't know what to say because we've basically already said how much we'd miss each other.

"I don't know what to say."

"Don't say anything."

He bent down and kissed me. I pulled away remembering DJ & Monique are standing there.

They called the flight number and I slowly let go of Blake's hands.

"Gotta go. Bye."

I walked away and boarded the flight. When I got in my seat, I put in my earbuds and slouched. It's crazy how at first I didn't wanna be here and now I don't even wanna leave. I slouched even more and turned my music up.

I really wish I could stay.

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