(Her formal dress>>>>)

"Dosen't your mommy look beautiful?" cooed Teresa holding Ellie.

Ellie just giggled and flapped her arms showing me one of her toothless smiles I've come to love.

I twirled around in front of the mirror as my beautiful dress shimmered and flowed with me. I never had time to look for a dress because of my busy schedule so Maggie got it for me as my birthday present.

It is a low cut V showing off my boobs with a flowery design and mermaid style dress. It is backless with just some strings holding it together.It is a silky black reaching the bottom as It drags a little and hugs my curves perfectly. I put on a pair of silver heels and the silver necklace that my mother gave me before she died.

My hair was done by Teresa. It was perfectly curled and held back with a silver pin. My make up was done Shamaila. My eyelid were cover and silver shimmer with thin eyeliner. I had a bit of blush and nude matte lipstick.

"You guys are amazing." I said hugging the girls who were all dressed up and ready.

Teresa was dressed in a dark blue short dress. It was a corset with a fluffed up skirt that reached her lower then her mid thighs. She was wearing silver heels and had her hair in an elegant up-do. She had her makeup with smokey eyes and her body would shimmer with the glitter on her. Shamaila had on a pink dress that was tight from the breast then flowed a little below her mid thighs. Her hair was down with a braided crown and had very light make up.

I heard the knocking from downstairs and got really nervous. That would be Jett coming to pick me up. I would be leaving earlier then the girls because Jett wanted to take me to our first date before the dance. I went downstairs with Ellie on my arms.

I feel terrible for leaving her so i have been carrying her around all day. Especially now since she is my daughter.

"Who do you think that is?" I cooed at her as I walked down the stairs hearing Jett's voice.

When I almost was down everyone stopped talking and looked at me. I saw Ace who wasn't even dressed yet, and my father who looked at me proudly. But when my eyes landed on Jett my heart went wild and there was a hole zoo in my stomach. Even the little bundle of joy started to giggle.

He looked so handsome in dress pants with a sliver dress shirt neck tie and a blazer. His usual messy hair was slicked back and just looked delicious. He looked at me in awe, admiration, some other emotion I can't decipher.

"You look beautiful." whispered Jett when I reached him.

"You look handsome yourself." I said with a shy smile.

As if Ellie was demanding attention she started to squirm in my arms. Jett took her from me as he started to play with her.

"You also look beautiful." he told her as he kissed her nose. That just made my heart melt.

He gave her back and said, "Shall we go?"

"Yes." I told him.

"Wait! Not before some pictures!" Said Ellie.
I took some pictures by myself with the girls , some couple pictures, some with my family, with only Ellie and finally with Jett and Ellie.

After Maggie was satisfied I gave Ellie to my father.

"Remember to feed her. And when you do burp her afterwards. Don't forget to cover her good and put a pillow under her head..."

"You keep forgetting that I helped your mother. Go have fun." he said.

I took Jett's arm and we went outside.

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