Twisted Life (on hold)

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Twisted Life


Hi, my name is Amalia Karmela Delarosa my friends usually call me Karma. I'm seventeen and attend Rosebay High; Go Spartans! I'm currently a junior. I am of mixed nations. Although I was born and raised here in Abilene, Texas my parents weren't always here. My father is from Honduras down in central America. My mom may she rest in peace was born in Guatemala.

My life turned upside down when my mother left me and my father if that wasn't heartbreaking enough, she was killed in a car accident leaving the county. We knew she was gone but we didn't expect that the last call we'd get regarding her was from the morgue asking to identify her. I was fourteen when all of this went down. I was barely growing into my self. After her death my father never looked or spoke at me. He got to tangled up with the booze to mind what I did. The fact that I was growing up to look like a spitting image of my mother didn't help either.

That's why I can't ever look at myself. I don't look in the mirror and I hate pictures. I have her green almond shaped eyes, thick straight black hair, her nose, her lush big pink lips, the same Monroe on my upper lip, same skin tone, and body. I have wide hips, a big butt, and I nice breast like my mother did. I was definitely her daughter. The only thing I got from my father was his last name.

Months passed since my mothers funeral, and I realized I had to fend for myself. Of course, my father had his business which was going great unlike his life. He spent his days working hard in the office and the nights either at a bar or in his room with a couple of bottles of beer, tequila and who knows what else. He left me a credit card with no boundaries. He always kept it with a big balance for my own personal use. With that card I bought my own clothes, and essentials; I got myself a car to take myself where I needed.

Although I knew my life was completely upside down i wasn't ready for what was coming. I didn't expect my life to take a twisted path...

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