Part the First: Plot Ideas

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Hey, guys! Coming at ya with my first round of plot ideas. (Trust me, there are waaaay more where these came from!) If you like one, please do not hesitate to use it! 

Idea #1: a society of tiny people follow humans around catching words as they come out of their mouths. An elite class of Wordcatchers, the Taleweavers, string the best ones together to tell stories. But when a Taleweaver's apprentice spins a dreadful tale of the future, she is exiled to the most dreaded place in their world: the home of a clean freak who vacuums daily. With the help of a klutzy but well-meaning golden retriever puppy and a curious porcupine, she must escape before she is sucked up.

Idea #2: Gia Rossi is going into the family business, and she could not be less excited about it. The business? Names. The Rossis have been advising people what to name their children for decades, and Namers, Ltd. is the only firm of its kind known to exist. Every child in the family starts training to take over the business when they're 16, and it's Gia's turn. The problem? She has a remarkable gift for assigning people the wrong names. For some reason, when she names a kid, the name turns out to be all wrong. Charity grows up stingy. Hope is a pessimist. Nacho is lactose-intolerant. Harmony winds up tone-deaf. But this gives her an idea: could she use her extraordinary lack of talent to make sure she isn't forced to take over the business one day? 

Idea #3: A tone-deaf teenage opera fan and a burnt-out crazy cat lady looking for her life's purpose join forces on a cruise ship to rescue the teenager's idol — an opera singer, of course — when she is kidnapped, and hilarity ensues.

Idea #4: When two best friends start an Instagram account for one friend's shiba inu, known on the internet as the Ridiculously Photogenic Derg™, they don't expect it'll go anywhere. To their shock, it explodes overnight, and soon their Ridiculously Photogenic Derg™ has a large internet following. But things go south quickly: one friend's parents make her take the account down when creepy comments start popping up on it, the other's house is broken into by someone who could only have found her by hacking the dog's page, and they both start getting strange things in the mail. Who could be behind it all, and what do they want with two random teenagers? 

Idea #4: Lina Wu has finally found the secret to a nonboring life: she just has to make it like a movie. So she makes a list of items that, when completed, should turn her life into a Hollywood-worthy extravaganza. From creating an epic Life-Soundtrack to overreacting to absolutely everything (drama is key!) and sharpening her wit and honing her acting skills for quotable conversations, Lina is determined to turn her ordinary life into a blockbuster. But some people would like to see Lina's project canned: her parents, who are convinced she is losing her mind; the boy across the street who Lina has hand-picked (okay, it was him or her brother and it's obvious who won) to be her Attractive Male Sidekick™; and most especially her cat, who is sick of Lina's attempts to get a viral video out of her. Though Lina ignores the critics, determined to make it work, will her life turn into one giant box-office flop?

Idea #5: When the unthinkable happens in the middle of nowhere, a pampered teenager must beat all the odds to come out alive. A young socialite is enjoying a luxury yacht cruise to the Galapagos Islands when a freak typhoon wrecks the tiny boat. With no lifeboats in sight, everyone else aboard drowns. Though she is spared the untimely fate of the other passengers, she loses consciousness when she's tossed off the boat and wakes up on a beach with no idea what has happened. She's marooned and panicking, but not entirely alone: a pack of Galapagos fur seals on the beach where she was stranded seem to think she's one of their own. With their help and her own untapped ingenuity, she learns to survive alone, but she still wants nothing more than to go home. Her only hope of rescue is an SOS carved into a piece of driftwood and thrown into the ocean.

Three years later, the driftwood washes up in Chile, and nobody believes it is real-except for a teenage fisherman's apprentice, who wants to find the girl behind this extraordinary survival story...

Idea #6: It is the Afterdays, and every recognizable trace of contemporary life has vanished. From art to holidays, the former ways of a once-great nation have disappeared. After The Happening, what was left of humanity banned every aspect of their former lives for good, and it has never resurfaced. Now, three-hundred-eighty-five years later, life as we know it is all but forgotten. The repopulated human population leads a dull existence devoid of culture, except for the extraordinary Keepers. Selected after The Happening, the original Keepers were assigned to protect what was left of life in the Foredays. They saved bits of the past and passed them on to their children and grandchildren and all their relatives, all the way down the line. In time, even the leaders forgot that they existed. But they were rediscovered. And what their ancestors had instituted, the new leaders seek to destroy. The Foredays are banned again, and the Keepers are in grave danger. They must guard their secrets with their life.

When an ordinary teenage girl, crosses paths with the Keeper of Music, an elderly man who knows he can't escape the leaders forever, he covertly trains her to take over his position. Her eyes are opened to a world she didn't know existed, and she can't get enough. She wants to know everything about the Foredays, and she gets her wish. She is introduced to the whole circle of Keepers, and one by one, she learns their secrets. She soon learns the tricks of the Keepers' trade, and she finds herself wishing there were more to learn. And then she finds something that makes her believe there may just be more of the Foredays left out there. But finding it could cost the Keepers their lives.

Idea #7: A teenager adopted from Russia is researching her birth family and discovers that her grandmother was a celebrated ballerina in the 1950s. Fascinated by her newfound ancestor, she digs deeper into her grandmother's life, and she soon turns up something she never could've imagined: her grandmother was used as a pawn in an espionage plot that, although over sixty years old, is unknown to all but a few...and could change history if it every saw the light of day.

Idea #8: a group of high school students develop their own language as a senior project. 

Idea #9: it's 2077 in Seoul, South Korea, and the world as we know it is nothing more than a distant memory. The greatest technological revolution the world has ever known backfired, and as a result, humanity has been completely subjugated by robots. Living in near-slavery to the robot regime, people have long forgotten what it is to be human. But a resistance movement still seeks to dethrone their robot captors, and one rebellious teen will stop at nothing to make it happen. To stop their electronic overlords from wiping out humanity completely, the protagonist must seek out the past -- because the only way to stop the downfall of humanity is to rewrite history. 

Idea #10: a group of incredibly geeky math-nut buds at MIT, none of whom have ever had girlfriends, join forces to ensure that at least one of them gets the girl -- and in this particular case, "the girl" is a brilliant, beautiful astrophysics major who isn't going to be easily swayed. 

Yeah, these are nuts...but, when covered in chocolate or perhaps sugar, nuts can be delicious. ;) (And yes, I just made a pun out of my obsession with chocolate-covered turbinado sugar almonds!) If they're too specific for your tastes, feel free to alter them as much as you like. 

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