9. The New Lovable Persons!

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Indira  P.O.V

I'm somewhat in relief now, Thanks God she is alright.. I tried to call mom.. but no response.. I think I have to visit her company once...

After paying bill quickly i literally ran to the Ward... On the way I hit some Coconut Tree , I mean a man and their freaking heights and mumbled sorry without seeing his face properly and ran fast... I happy to know it's just a dehydration Problem Amy is having... I took Rohan from the nurse I handed over to her before.. She is such a sweet Old woman.. Her name is Elena.. She is in her 50's and a widower.. Her son Simone left her when he got married to a woman named Sofia... She came to know that he was a father of twins but unfortunately the mother left them with him...  He too left the twins in some orphanage after married some other rich woman Isabella.... She said she failed to find the twins after came to know about them... She searched them in all orphanage but came back empty handed...

That's when I found the reason, when I asked her to hold Rohan I noticed a real smile on her face... She said that in few days they are going to fire her from her current job as she is old...  I just ask her to met me in near Restaurant coming Saturday as I need someone help to take care of Rohan... Because basically I knew nothing about taking care of kids.. Moreover she is a experienced nurse.. I think that's work perfect...she hand over Rohan back to me..

"Rohan, Say bye to Granny... "

I caught Rohan's hand and waved her bye... Elena and Amy became close like a soul sisters after I left them to pay Amy's Bill..

After an hour we both reached home... It almost Night time.. I dont feel sleepy as I slept full afternoon... And I just want to visit Olivia Mom's office... I made milk warm and feed Rohan and kissed his forehead and then gave tablets to Amy and left the home not before informing the Gurad or Security whom I met when we came back from Hospital...
Amy said his name is Rosso... she said He is a  friend and like a younger brother .. He is In his late 30s.. But he looks like a muscular one with all his big big arms and body.. Truth to be told he looks scary and he didn't spoke a single word to me and he always held his best judging face... Amy said he was married and now living with his wife and a son just two blocks away.... I smiled at him...

"I'm going to meet My Mom's Office.. I'll be back before 9 .. I know you will take care of Amy and Rohan, but it's my responsibility to ensure that " I said smilingly..

"What's you name ? Who is your Mom?" He asked out of blue.. That's the first time he talk but it's bit scary when he asked me that question...

"Well.. Olivia is my Mom.. And you know She is half Indian and half Italian.. Well she is my father's cousin.. After the death of my parents she adopted me... In short I'm Martin's sister.. "I said.

"Oh... I'm sorry... I don't know you .. I thought you might me Martin's Girl friend " He said..

"Oh that's okay... Atleast now you will not kill me with your eyes" I sad jokingly..

He laughed and nodded his head and raised  his arms in surrender.. Now i like him.. He is not scary now but a little..

Just then a taxi came and waits in door..

"Okay.. I have to go.. And I took Martin's Phone.. So if I get into any trouble I'll call you... "I said and waved my hands..

"Okay... Do call me when you reach the office.. By the way you forget to say your name " I heard him saying when I opens the back door to taxi..

"Sorry... It's Riya... " I said and he's inside the taxi but not fails to notice the Shocked and surprised expression in his face... Maybe he doesn't know anything about India.. So he might think my name is quite different..

Anyways I got inside the taxi and said him the Address.. After a full 20 mins travel I'm standing before My Mom's Company.. " A&A Enterprises"...It stands about 70 storey building.. I saw this when Martin used to chat with when he always send the pictures of all places he goes... He almost said about every hotels , Restaurants, Companies , Recreation places... and what not..

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