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      I whipped my head around as the door to my cell suddenly opened. I blinked in the bright light that the open door let in.

Dmitri's rough voice broke my reverie, "Get up, Tesla."

I scowled at him but slowly stood up. Walking forward, he caught hold of a strap on my straitjacket and pulled me away to face Hundsen.

      When I faced the Crepuscule Club's leader, he gave me a disturbing smile and remarked, "I was glad to hear that your mission was very successful. I'd really hoped that you hadn't turned on me; we really could have used you. However, I'm willing to let you move on."

      My only response to him was a piercing glare, but the gears in my head were turning. So the job he'd given me had apparently been a test. But what did he mean by 'move on'?

      Out of the doorway of the room I'd been tortured in, two men dragged an unconscious Jake Evans to lay at Hundsen's feet. Blood from deep cuts all over his body bled through his clothes. With him being so intimidating and cold, it was strange seeing him finally beaten and helpless.

      As I stared down at the comatose boy, I had the thought that maybe Jake and I were the only ones of the eight that remained. Had they killed off the ones that weren't useful to them?

      I did my best to numb myself from the possibility. From what I'd seen of Hundsen, he was ruthless, evil and had no regard for life. The more I thought about it, the more rational it seemed that he would've already murdered them.

     A strange man stepped forward and opened up a white bag that he'd been holding. Out of the bag came a thin needle filled with some unknown substance.

     When I saw the medical tool, I had to force myself to stay planted firmly where I was standing and not to take a step back. My heart raced and my hands began to shake.

     Thankfully, the shot wasn't for me. The man leaned down and stuck the needle into the side of Jake's neck. Hundsen calmly watched, arms crossed, and I frantically wondered what was happening.

     However, I did take a step back when the man turned to me with another needle in his gloved hand. And I stepped right back into two of Hundsen's gang members. Their hands wrapped around my arms and forced me forward.

     I watched the man walk slowly over to me as the two Club members shoved me down so hard that my knees cracked down onto the pavement floor. My head was forced up and a needle stabbed into my skin.

     In the moment after, I lost it. As I screamed, objects around the warehouse began to levitate under my might. Gang members ducked for cover.

     The prick of a needle tip under my skin made all my muscles tense up.

     It wasn't the needle that scared me. No, it was what was being injected into my muscles and making its way into my blood flow that terrified me.

     It made it easier to be a killer. Easier to obey the orders I was being given. Easier to be the goddess of death that they wanted me to be. The bigger the dose, the harder it was to resist. And the dose was always enlarging.

     Afterwards I was aware of what I was doing. I even had some control over what I was doing. But not complete control. They'd convinced some part of my brain to do their disgusting business.

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