(Trust) tenses

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Day 10: The Heart of Worship

My insight in this chapter is that trusting is like an English lesson in tenses. You know, our regrets (past), our problems (present), and our ambitions (future) we should give all to God believing that He is working (present progressive) continuously to sort it all out for us. But before God can do His job, we must surrender it all to Him. And this TRUST is the heart of worship.

Nevertheless, Warren stresses that this surrender must never just be a one-time event. From the moment of surrender, there is the practice of surrender, which is moment-by-moment and lifelong. The challenge for us, therefore, is to make this surrender a daily habit as my favorite apostle, St. Paul, said: "I die (to Christ) daily" (1 Corinthians 15:31).

Indeed, our decision to totally surrender to God will be tested. It is an unpopular, inconvenient, even seemingly idiotic path. Friends, even our families might rail against our utopian dreams as if we thought of them while we were on acid. In fact, we may even feel that we are going against our true selves. And yes, we are. We have changed and it will feel uncanny remembering our former selves would never have thought so.

I am going to confess something. A few months after I became a regular attendee at Feast Manila, I made a covenant with God. I told Him I wanted to serve Him more actively, that is in ministry and evangelization. But I told Him my problem was I also needed to provide for my family comfortably. At that time I was reviewing for the Licensure Examinations for Teachers or the LET (and later the Board Examinations for Real Estate Brokers). So I asked God that He provide for my material needs, and I will serve Him.

The blessings came pouring. I passed the LET and placed 9th national. And then six months later, I took the Real Estate Brokers Examinations, passed it also, and again placed -- this time Top 10. So now I can broker real estate and/or teach. I cannot, in my wildest dreams, could ever have imagined that I would be achieving this much in my 40s. It is as if God was helping me make up for all my failures in the past and that now He is giving me a present filled with opportunities towards a more glorious future. And it all started at that moment when I surrendered my life to Him in a covenant. So now I am obligated to honor my part of the promise: I am consecrating my life for His glory (thus, my decision to join Radical 4 for starters) even as I endeavor to create righteous wealth so that I can bless my family and the world.

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