I woke up smelling like vodka and cigarettes…even though I don’t drink, or smoke. I got undressed, wrapped a towel around myself and trotted to the bathroom. As I showered I could hear Kian softly knocking on the door

  “Hey can I come in? I just need to brush my teeth” he calls

  “No! I’m in the shower!”

  “I don’t care” he yells back

  I hear the bathroom door close. I peek behind the shower curtain; Kian was rinsing his mouth in the sink

  “Get out!” I hissed. He walks over to the towel I had hung on the rack next to the shower and lifts it up to his mouth “don’t you dare wipe your mouth on that Kian!” I shrieked

  He wipes his mouth on the towel anyway “enjoy your shower…sis”

  I nearly grit my teeth, I hate when he calls me that. He is most definitely not my brother and I will never be his sister. I don’t care that our parents are dating, I don’t care that him and his mom moved in with my dad and I. Our parents have only been dating for three months and if I know one thing for sure; Kian Marley will never be my ‘brother’.

  I dried off with a different towel I found in the pantry.

  I was thoroughly disappointed to see all my favorite clothes gone. Kian’s mom wasn’t joking when she said she raided my closet of all its skimpy attire.

   I shimmied into some tight fitting shorts and an undersized polo I used to wear in the seventh grade. It fit snug and there was a sliver of skin showing…just the way I liked it

 I pull my hair back and tie it into a pony tail. I applied a little makeup and put lotion on every visible part of my body. I planned to lounge around but since Kian is here now and he isn’t ugly per say, I feel like I’m obligated to look decent around him

  When I was content with how I looked I happily trotted down the stairs, I kissed my dad and Kian’s mom on the cheek “hey guys” I smiled brightly

  “No Chase, you cannot go anywhere. You aren’t allowed to leave the house” my dad says without even looking up from the book he was reading

  “Wait, I’m grounded, like for real?”

  “Yeah, for real” Kian mocked as he walked in

  I resisted the urge to smash the plate I was washing into his skull “shut up Kian”

  He presses in behind me, his chin on my shoulder “make me” he whispers harshly in my ear

  I jutted my arm back and elbowed him in the stomach; he kneeled over like “aagh!”

  Our parents just stood there giving us sour looks

  “We’re going to an overnight convention, we’ll be back tomorrow night” Kian’s mother says

  “We expect you to behave and not leave the house or invite anyone into the house, if you’re trying to prove you can be responsible then use this as an opportunity, you’re too old for a babysitter but you’re still in a lot of trouble. I have all the neighbors watching this house with a close eye and if hear anything about you two leaving this house you’ll find yourself in an even bigger mess than you already in” he said dryly

  “Okay” Kian shrugs

  I just nodded “We’ll behave, we got his!” I joked

  “You’re not funny” Kian says

  “You’re not likeable” I shot back

  By this time I’m walking out of the kitchen and I hear him say “ditto!”

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