chapter 1: Found and saved

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Coming home from ye ran highschool three "young" students were walking. They walked in silence but not the akward silence but the silence of peace."Please...someone...anyone...please help me...." a strangled and weak sounding voice came from the ally that they were passing by. They all stopped and looked back at the alleyway. They walked back and saw a young girl covered in cuts and gashes all around her body. Fresh blood streamed out of the gash on her head. The three were shocked at such a sight. Then the middle teenager stepped up and picked her up gently. The little girls body tensed up but seen calmed down. "Is she passed out...W-who could've done such a thing...especially to a young girl like her!" The short boy said "i don't know regis...we have to take her somewhere and get help" the girl with silver hair said. The short boy nodded. They dissapeared and reappeared on top of the buildings and jumped building to building trying their fastest to get home. They soon arrived. They walked in and everyone there was shocked at the sight of what the tall young man was hold. "Where frankenstien?" The short boy asked "d-down in his lab" a tall man with a bowl haircut said. The three rushed down. "Frankenstein we need your best medical attention for this young girl" the short teen said the blonde man looked shocked but nodded "i shall do my best for her" the blonde man said talking the girl and hooked her up to some life support machines. "I'll call you three down when I'm done and give you the news." The three nodded and went back up stairs. "My oh my what happened to such a young girl like you" the blonde man said started to disinfect the cut and gashes. Hours has passed since the young girl arrived. "She's at at a very dangerous level right now but she'll survive with the right kind of attention" the blonde man said to himself. He turned around and went up stairs to tell everyone the news. "The...the little girl...she right now is at a very dangerous level...and she could die from how much blood she lost...but since she has the right kind of care she will make it" the blonde man informed everyone. The three that brung her home looked relieved. "How long will she be out for?" A man with purple hair asked "it could take a while for her to wake up...." the blonde man said. "Where did you three find the young girl at regis?" "Well found her in an alleyway on hichan street" "tao look into that for me please" "Yes boss" "you three should get some experience like that with such a young girl being gurt and on the verge to deatg must be very exhausting" the blonde man said taking off his glasses and folded them and hooked them to his white lab coat pocket. Two of the three went to bed. The third one stayed up and looked out his huge window. "Master I brought you your tea and cookies. Master?" "Frankenstein I'm going to use some of my power to awaken her" "m-master! I know that it's depressing to see such a young girl hurt but you shouldn't use your life force....she'll be better and awake in a couple of days" "you may be right just have other reasons" "ok master" the blonde man sighed. The young man got up and headed down to the lab where the little girl was laying there peacfully. He put his thumb on her lip. Blood got on his thumb and get lifted his hand up to his lips. His eyes glowed pink "fang woods I hearby declare that I, Etrema Cadis Di Raizel, will look after you. Giving you such powers will slowly come to you as you get older. For now your power is sealed but your healing process will be faster. You'll become stronger, faster and smarter. If you use any of this to harm anyone else unless in danger you will vanish for an eternity." The young man stated. Once he finished he left looking behind him one last time before going back to his room.

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