The Prophecy

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I sunk to the floor the sheer pain, enough to make me want to pass out, but I hung on, he rejected me and because I loved him I let him, “but why are you doing this we’re mates” I looked up at him the tears cascading down my cheeks. Dean looked at me the disgust clear on his face, my already broken heart splintered some more, “ do I look like I could ever be mated to something as pathetic and ugly as you, you fat, worthless and a burden to everyone you encounter, now get out of my sight you slut” turning from me, and walking over to one of the pack sluts, Ashley sticking his tongue down her throat definitely the last straw, I picked myself up off the floor and walked through the crowd of people that surrounded us some were snickering and out right laughing the rest looked at me with revulsion, I was the pack runt according to everyone, bullied and abused for most of my life, up to this day I’m still clueless as to the reason behind it all.

As I was nearing the door I felt someone roughly grab my arm, glancing up I saw my brother Kade he look mortified for a second I thought he was going to come to my defence and hope blossomed inside of me, it all came crashing down at his words “ go upstairs and get out of our sight, you’re an embarrassment and I’m ashamed to call you my sister, you worthless piece of shit how could you lie about something so sick, like you could ever be Luna material, grow up, or better yet why don’t you do everyone a favour and end it, end your worthless life it’s not like you mean anything to anyone as it is” he let go of my arm and turned his back on me, what was left of my heart shattered and with a heart-breaking sob I left the room and stumbled my way upstairs. I sunk down on my bed the agony of that moment threatening to overwhelm me.

What was worse was the fact that the agony I felt was maximised by that of my wolf, the bond was painful our mate had rejected us, I glanced at the picture on my bedside table “why me, why did you leave me when I needed you, I need you so much right now, daddy I thought you were going to protect me forever” my parents died 8 years ago, from a rogue attack leaving just me and my brother behind, at first he protected me I was all he has left we were so close, but I guess the pain was to much for him to cope with, and he ended up releasing his anger and frustration through me, I could live with everything the pack had to throw at me, the minute my brother was the one hurting me was the minute I realised that I had nothing here holding me back, no brother, no mate, no pack.

I walked over to my wardrobe and retrieved my black duffel bag, I filled it with clothes, and the few possessions that I had left of my parents, it was at this time I was happy that I had a trust set up available to me, so I wasn’t going to be struggling, on top of that I had access to some money from the wages I had saved up from my waitressing job. I wrote a note for my beloved pack ‘not the sarcasm’

Dear Pack,

                   When I was young and my parents were here they taught me that the meaning of a pack was to be as one, a unit unbreakable by all who wish to do harm, we love and support one another, able to rely and trust and confide in all that belong, if I hadn’t experienced the love I had through them I would have thought it was all lies, the way you demoralised and broke me, makes me feel disgusted in the people that you have become and I am glad that I have chosen to leave, I won’t be here for you to poke fun at or abuse any longer I am no one’s punching bag.

Kade I wish you all the luck in the world finding your mate, I love you big brother, I always have I just wish you felt the same for me, I miss mummy and daddy, I’m glad they’re not here to see what has become of you and the way you treated me, I’m just glad that I’m giving you what you wanted maybe now you can finally be happy.

As for you Dean my beloved mate, after everything I experienced, the loss of my parents, the abuse I experienced from you and others in the pack, I thrived on the thought that my mate would protect me love me and take me away from all the heart break I experienced, but no you killed that dream fast, but hey if sluts are what float your boat I’m happy for you! I want to know how you’re going to continue the Alpha lineage with no true mate to birth you pups, didn’t think of that now you asshole but I make you one promise now, I will be back, to rub in all your faces how strong I truly am, I will never forgive the way you treated me and I guarantee Dean you will beg me to take you back no way in hell you made your bed sleep in it diseases and all!!

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