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1826 in Texas, Few years later. I had live with my new family the Indians. The Cheif of my tribe said that I'm one of the gods that have travel though time.

I have now learn to fight, ride and use a gun. But I have use my power to. But now its time for my tribe to move north east. So I went north east and built a village from the ground up. Then my people found my place the cheif was amazed.

We live in peace. Then one month I was married to my cheif daughter. One day me and the half of the men of my tribe went hunting for food for my tribe.

White crow how many buffalo do you think we need and deer. White war dog we need four buffalo and five deer it will take four days. Third day had come we was finish our hunt and headed back to the village.

On third day my my village was attacked by outlaws that came out of no where they left one alive. The chief was wounded by outlaws that raided. Then me and my men was mad then we ride that night as a war party.

My men you are here tonight to lay your chief to rest. But after that tomorrow you will ride with me as your God or chief of all of you we became a stronge war party. Before dawn our fight we be revenge on the invader to our home.

White war dog its is dawn. Good now it time to hunt them down spill there blood. No crow we make them pay in slow death. But if not a fast death just as good.

Five miles from the village. Was a camp where the outlaws made we rode in gun blazing arrows flying only five of my men was wounded but me. Six outlaws stand in front of me.

The six men who kill both of my family. Now here my chance to make it right all again. But why when I can avenge them both but my pa said hear there side. But after what I seen two times.

Look guys a white Indian. Hey he looks like one the three who got away the first time second time he won't get away. So you the rangates who kill my family first and second. You won't get away from me.
Are you so sure you will there six of us and one of you and you have no guns.
I don't need a weapon.
Look there claws, shot him now he a monster. As gun shots my power telepathic stop everything in sights I reverse the bullits back at them it was all over.

I fall down to the ground unconscious. Five men that was wounded headed home or with the other tribe. Two other cowboys saw me on to town. He still breathing. Good get him the wagon we drop him off at the doc office Sam going to need every man.

1830, Austin Texas, I awoken up in doc office next to another man. I ask him what your name. Paul Maverick you he said. I am White war dog. No he said your name as I readed his mind. Well my pa call me Bret Maverick.

How long was I knock out. And how did I get here. What year and what town and who is that in middle of the town?

That Sam Houston general of the Texas army. And year is 1830 we rasing against Santa Anna. Four day and the town call Austin. General Houston needs all good men to fight for Texas. Where do I sign up at.


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