friend zoned

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You had to think of something, and fast. You thought of something that might be risky but will do. You walked up to Kimizuki. "Oh hey (y/-" he was cut off with you dragging him by the wrist all the way to your room. You closed the door and locked it.

"Whoa, I wasn't excpecting that this from you." Kimizuki said. You blushed crazy red and shook your head. "No! Not like that! I don't want to get in trouble!" you said. "Of what?" he asked. "The reason why I didn't invited you was because my mom doesn't like you. I don't know why but she doesn't." you said.

"She hasn't even met me." Kimizuki said. "I know... Look all we have to do is to stay inside the room until my mom gets drunk." you said. "Alright by me." Kimizuki commented. You rolled your eyes and started being on your phone.

Time skip
2 hours later

You got a text from your mom.
Mom: where sre you?
You: I'm partying with my friends mom, what about you?
Mom: a blast. I'm glad that I met this guy because he is a gottie for me. He might be your step dfther.
You: mom I think you're drunk.
Mom: no I'm not swetrie. I'm pertfecy fine.
You: mom go to sleep
Mom: i think I'm gonna throw up.
You: go in the bathroom. I'll find you later and put you in bed.

You were sitting next to Kimizuki who was just looking at you this whole time. "Lets head down stairs." you said as you got up. As you were about to open the door, Kimizuki grabbed your wrist. "Is there something wrong?" you asked. "I just wanted to say that I like you." Kimizuki said, blushing. You smiled. "I like you too, but just as friends." you said. You walked out of the door.

Kimizuki's pov

'Did I just got friend zoned? I'm guessing that she thought I said that just as a friend. But I mean it, I like her. No, I LOVE her.' I thought. My heart broked a little. I shook my head and thought of trying to actually get her to like me. I followed behind (y/n).

Hey guys! Sorry I couldn't update for a long time, I just felt like this book was not important until someone liked the book and that person was MzMickey. Thank you, I felt like this book needed to be updated again so that's what I did. Thank you guys for the support I really appreciate it. Anyways, see you guys later.


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