I followed after him and the scene before me too my breath away. Underwater was like a whole new different world full of colours and different creatures. Corals and shells ranged from off white to pink to orange and everything between. I smiled when I saw the tiny little fish darting in and out of the coral and anemone and I continued to follow them as though they were my underwater tour guide.

Jake swam next to me and together we explored the living city surrounding us. I looked farther ahead where the water turned dark blue and saw that the sand dipped deeply. The sand beneath us had been the same depth since the shore since the waves weren’t pushing it around so I was surprised to see that in the dark blue water there was a shark looming there.

I gasped and rose to the surface.

“Is everything ok Sasha?” Jake asked worriedly when he took a breath.

“There’s a shark over there! We need to get out!” I cried starting to head back to the dry sand. However, I stopped when I head Jake chuckling and turned to face him.

“Those are black tipped sharks Sash, they won’t hurt you unless you antagonise them. They’re mostly harmless.”

“Are you sure? Because I refuse to be responsible if you lose a limb.”

“I’m positive baby” he planted a chaste kiss on my forehead and ducked underwater again to continue snorkelling. I felt a teensy bit nervous but I trusted him, besides he’s been here for a long time so he’d know.”

We continued snorkelling then I told Jake that I’d head back to shore and keep my tan on so he kept going while I laid my towel down and went to lie on top of it. Hmm, well it is a private island... the only people here are me and Jake. I grinned then undid the knots of my bikini before lying down my back to even out my goodies, I’d swap to my back in a few minutes . Topless sunbaking, here’s another first for me.

[Jake’s POV]

I’d always loved snorkelling. I went everytime I came here and the scenery was never the same. It always changed and yet was always beautiful and spectacular. I snorkelled for another ten minutes before finding it not as exciting without Sasha so I decided to join her.

I swam back and tore the mask off my face before searching for my sexy little seductress. I spotted her a few feet away half in the shade of a palm tree and my eyes widened. She was topless! I scolded myself to settle down, I’m not a crazy teenage hormonal boy.

She was lying on her stomach and had her arms by her side, her bikini top in a pile next to her head. I made my way to her and saw that she’d fallen asleep, it’s a good thing she was partially under the shade otherwise she’d have some painful sunburn.

I grew hard as I watched a bead of sweat travel from the nape of her neck down her spine and soak into her bikini bottoms. I wished it was my tongue that was travelling down her body tasting the saltiness of her skin and her warm flesh.

I couldn’t hold back. I dumped the masks in the sand and kneeled over her ankles facing her back so her legs trapped, but weren’t touching me. I smoothed my hands over her skin caressing her tones calves and up to her thighs. She moaned but didn’t stir so I continued my journey.

I gulped as I passed her core, leaving the best for last, and slid my hands up the sides of her womanly hips. Her head, which was resting on her arms, switched sides but otherwise didn’t wake up and I rubbed little circles with my thumbs up the sides of her spine feeling little knots and gently easing them away.

I was hard now and I fought the urge to wake her up by slamming into her and controlled myself, letting her have an interesting wake up. As my hands reached her shoulders I let them fall to her side, feeling the soft roundness that poked from underneath her. I swallowed and also wished that she’d been facing the other way so that he could cup her soft mounds. But that could always come later.

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