Chapter 6

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Chapter six:


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I swung lazily in the blue and green cotton hammock with my eyes closed just basking in the chilled atmosphere that Jake’s island effortlessly provided. After we finished our lunches Jake suggested I take a nap during this time of the day. The heat was intense and I could only be happy that there wasn’t much humidity.

Jake opted to sleep in his room with the air conditioner blasting away but I preferred the natural breeze and fresh air. I stumbled across the hammock while I walked around the house, I hadn’t seen it earlier because it was situated on the side of the house closer to the beach instead of the front. I loved it, I so needed to buy me a hammock when we go back home.

I didn’t really feel sleepy, just lazy. I grabbed a romance novel from my luggage, slipped off my top so I was just in my bikini top and short shorts and lounged on the hammock with a leg hanging out to keep my swinging going.

I loved romance novels. Not only were they highly beneficial for my experiment but I loved how the authors wrote the seduction and how they managed to suck you right into the story making you feel what their characters feel.

In this particular chapter the woman was being seduced by her love interest in a lighthouse. He’d finally succeeded in his seduction and was taking her against the windows letting their thrusting bodies be seen by everyone whenever the light flashed by.

I was getting hot, and that was a mixture between the heat of the island and the hotness of their lovemaking. That’s what I wanted... I wanted crazy, spontaneous sex where people might be able to catch us or hear us. I wanted to feel like a teenager again and have the thrill of feeling something new.

I sighed. Yeah, I was only twenty-four years old but that was getting closer and closer to thirty, then forty, then fifty, then sixty and I really just wanted to get my non-career life going since I was happy with my career. I wanted to be able to connect with my children and not feel too old to keep up with them.

Oh well, this is what I’m here for, to sharpen my seduction and sex techniques and make sure that the man I’m with has his mind blown, among other things.

“You look like you were made for a place like this” Jake’s deep voice commented.

I smiled to myself and turned to look at him. He was shirtless, his glorious chest on show just for me, and in a pair of black gym shorts, his hair was a little ruffled and he had a faint sleep line from his pillow across his cheek.

“Mmm, I wish. If I could, I’d live here forever. It’s absolutely perfect here” I replied still lightly kicking the floorboards to keep my gentle swing going.

“Me too, but I’d get too lonely here. So it’s a good thing you’re here to keep me entertained” he winked with his cheeky smirk back on his face, “Would you like to keep resting or would you like to go snorkelling by the reefs?”

I bolted up with a huge grin plastered on my face and jumped off. “Oh, I’d love to go snorkelling!” I cried.

“Then I’ll grab the masks and stuff and meet you at the back” he turned to leave and I stood for a few more seconds just staring at his ass of perfection. I shook my head and went to my room to grab a towel and slap on more sunblock.


“Does this mask make me look fat?” I joked pulling a weird face when he turned around to look at me. He laughed and shook his head and dove under the water.

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