Chapter 5

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Chapter five:

Jake’s summer house was a sight to see. It wasn’t the obnoxious house I imagined it to be, but instead it was sort of a cottage that blended in so perfectly with the island. The porch encircled around the entire one storey house and had little fans that looked like woven handmade fans together.

There were bamboo woven furniture with puffy cushions which would be perfect for lazing about on a hot day like today. Palm trees sprouted out all around the area and swayed back and forth in a slow dance. I absolutely loved it and I haven’t even seen the inside.

Jake opened the door then stepped back letting me walk through first, such a gentleman, and I gasped. It was so cute inside and so much bigger than what the outside showed.

“Would you like a tour?” I heard Jake ask putting our luggage down by the door.

“Oh, please!” I almost clapped with excitement and flashed him a huge grin.

“Right this way then m’lady” Jake showed me all the different rooms and even offered a history of the island and the cottage. I was so entranced by his knowledge of everything here and wondered if this was the life he’d rather live than the busy city life we both live day to day in.

We walked down a narrow hallway that was lined with dusty photo frames filled with family photos, one of them even had a picture of me. I traced my finger over my young face leaving a streak of dust where I rubbed.

“When was this?” I asked Jake. It was a picture of me and Jenna laughing and making faces at the camera while our faces and clothes were completely splattered with food.

“That was after you and Jenna graduated from high school remember? We had a barbeque at our place and, I don’t even remember how, but a food fight started and you two wreaked havoc over everyone else.” He told me chuckling at the memory.

“Oh that right!” I laughed, how could forget such a day!

Jake continued to show me what was down the hall and then he pushed open a door. The room was painted a sky blue and the thick carpet was a dark blue, almost as though they wanted to capture the scenery outside.  The huge king size four poster bed was situated in the centre with pure white sheets and white mosquito netting pulled back.

The dresser and side tables were made of wood and there even an ensuite and the closet was tucked in the corner of the room.

“This is your room, if you choose to use it” he winked, “and my room is next door. I’ll bring your luggage in and let you freshen up before I show you the last part. It’s my favourite part of the house. There’s fresh towels in the bathroom, make yourself at home.” He offered one more smile and closed the door after pulling my luggage in.

Wow, this place was so amazing, I could just live here forever!

I showered letting the cool water chase away the sweat and dirt on my body before slipping into one of my new bikinis. I’d gone on a shopping spree and bought skimpy bikinis and clothes that would turn his head as well as a multitude of lingerie.

This particular bikini was not as bad as the others. I still felt a little self conscious and I wanted to build up to this experiment slowly, for my sake. It was black with silver hoops between my breasts and sides of my hips but the bottoms were small and showed my ass quite nicely.

I slipped on a loose white singlet and yellow short shorts then stepped into my flip flops before tying my hair into a messy bun. It was a bit too hot to leave it down. With nothing else to do I walked outside.

“Jake?” I called out, but there was no answer. I heard the faint spray of his shower from his room and grinned. Oh yeah.

I opened the door to his room and slipped inside closing it quietly. His room was much like mine only his walls were a darker blue than mine and there was a more masculine feeling to it. It smelt like him too, I breathed it in and realised how accustomed I’ve become to him.

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