"Did Stacey say something to you?" He asked.

"No. Ryan might of mentioned it after the game last week. That you and her were married," I confessed.

He chuckled darkly before shaking his head.

"I never married her. But yes we did have history," he admitted as he sighed walking around me to sit on the metal table that had been behind me.

"Okay," I replied not knowing what to say to that. I felt his hands around my waist as he gently turned me around so that I was facing him. Pulling me between his legs, he still was taller than me in his seated position.

"I know you have your secrets and you probably don't want to tell me. I have a lot of baggage with me too so there is no pressure here to tell each other everything. That definitely comes with time. But when it comes to us, I'm all in. Meaning I'm not interested in her and haven't been in a long time. And other than that there is nobody else. Now let me just ask you one thing baby girl," he spoke deeply as his cologne and sweat filled my senses. Pulling me closer to him I noticed his gaze had darkened but this time, he didn't seem angry. Lost in his trance, I felt myself enjoying the moment more than I probably should have.

"Do you still want me?" He whispered gruffly as he lowered his head towards the side of my neck rubbing his warm nose against my throat. I placed my hands on his arms steadying my balance as his hands had a firm grip on my small waist.

"J-Joe-," I stammered but was interrupted by his own soothing words.

"Because I still want you Robin. Very much," he breathed out as I felt him teasing my neck. Feeling myself tingle with lust, I welcomed the range of emotions I had never experienced before in his strong arms.

A kiss was pressed on to my neck making me moan out load causing me to gasp softly. I felt him chuckle against my neck loving the feeling of his rough beard vibrate against my skin.

"That was sexy as hell," His deep voice sent shivers down my spine as he pulled away to look at my face. His sly grin as he stared back at me, desire filling his beautiful eyes.

"Do you still want this?" He asked again as his tone was serious again.

"Yes b-but-," The next thing I knew he slammed his   lips against mine and had nearly knocked the wind from my lungs. I barely had a moment to react before he slipped his tongue through my lips making my knees feel weak with intense passion. My arms reached up and tangled around his thick neck as my hands enjoyed the silk of his hair against my hands. His warm lips massaged mine as his rough beard drove me to different lengths of pleasure.

His arm snaked around my waist as he pressed me against his chest. I felt him gently caress the skin of hip right above my jeans as his tongue explored my mouth earning grateful moans as I smiled agains his lips. His other arm traveled down my butt as squeeze hard with his fingers dangerously close to the dampness between my legs.

Gasping I broke the kiss feeling more aroused then ever.

"That's all I needed to know." His deep voice replied almost breathlessly. He grinned softly at me as he continued to stroke my waist with the other resting comfortably on my butt. Joe's eyes were consumed with desire and his chest rose up and down from the heated moment we just had. But I could tell he wanted to be serious for a minute.

"The rest we can figure it out," he began speaking as looked into my eyes as I was still recovering from the steamy kiss. My eyes still clouded with lust, I locked my arms around his neck resting comfortably between his legs. "Now when it comes to Stacey, I can handle her. Something you shouldn't have to do. So if you have any problems with her you tell me." He emphasized as he looked at me expectantly. My emotions mixed with lust and fear as I looked down avoiding his gaze not wanting to ruin the intimate moment between us.

"I mean she did recognize me from the breakfast we had a few weeks back. So I guess she is a little suspicious of us,but I told her nothing was going on," I revealed not completely exposing the truth.

"You fucking serious right now!" He hissed lowly rubbing his forehead with his hand that had been resting on my butt making me jump a bit in his arms. His eyes drifted back to me as he could see the worried look I had in my eyes as I eyed his movements.

"Sorry for scaring you baby girl," he apologized for his out burst as he calmed down a bit.

"Don't worry about it. As long as we stick to the plan of laying low we should be fine right?" I replied softly as I tried to diffuse the situation.

"Well look who has the words of wisdom now," he smirked lifting his eyebrows giving me a pointed look making me smile in return.

"I'm just saying. You don't need to tell her I told you about this. Otherwise we would be admitting into something going on.  What do you think?" I asked biting my lip slightly hoping that he wouldn't go to her to make matters worse.

"You're right. I won't say anything for now," he agreed as he leaned forward pressing forehead against mine.

"But if she tries anything else, you tell me."
He whispered gruffly as his lips brushed against mine. Not innocently, like a tease but passionate, fiery, and demanding.

"Agreed?" He asked as I was eager for his lips to be back on mine again.

"Agreed," I whispered back before his lips found their way back to mine again. Grabbing a lock full of his hair, I embraced the way he kissed me passionately as I found myself lost in desire again. I knew that all my problems weren't solved, but right now in his arms none of that mattered.

I just hoped that I was ready to take on Stacey.

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