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Robin POV

His facial expression was unreadable as he didn't look angry any more.

"S-So I guess we are back in the closet again," I nervously said trying to break the tension between us. Memories of the first time we kissed flashed across my mind as he stood a few steps before me, reminding me of when he asked me out in here.

"I guess we are avoiding each other again too huh?" He said blankly, sighing as he put his hands in his black work out pants. I guess he had noticed my weird behavior.

"I thought we talked about being weird around each other. Avoiding each other," he continued as he approached me a bit enclosing the space between us, even though there wasn't much in the small room.

"I-I've just been s-swamped with school," I tried to explain as I mentally cursed my self for not being able to lie better. My skin was on fire as my nerves were on edge and I was not sure how I was going to get out of this one.

"Is that so?" He replied squinting at me, crossing his arms as his eyes never left mine. I nodded in response as I didn't trust myself to speak at the moment. My breathing had slowed as I stared back at him thinking of what was going through his mind. His attractive appearance was hard not to notice as he always looked handsome as ever.

His phone started to ring answering my prayers as he reached into his pocket to see who it was.

"You should probably answer that," I encouraged as I picked up my bag getting ready to make my escape.

"Nope, I'm turning it off. No interruptions this time," he countered sliding his phone back into his pocket.

"So where were we?" He smirked as his deep voice seemed to vibrate through me.

"I really don't know what you want me to say Joseph," I sighed dropping my bag back down on the ground. I couldn't get myself to tell him what was wrong. There was too much at stake right now.

"I want you to tell me what is wrong," he said seriously.

"Well I can't tell you," I said truthfully avoiding his piercing grey eyes as he waited for an answer.

"Usually I would leave it alone and respect your privacy... but yesterday I noticed the look you gave Stacey right before you left. I've got a feeling something isn't right with you two-," he spoke before I interrupted him.

"Miss Flowers is my new counselor. She was just trying to see how I've been doing in school," I explained. His eyebrows furrowed together as he looked confused.

"What happened to your old counselor?" He questioned.

"I-I got transferred," I responded hoping he would leave it alone.

"That's not all. Listen I know how Stacey can be," he stated as he ran his hands through his hair. Letting out a breath of frustration as he rubbed his forehead.

"Right. I guess you would huh," I whispered as I remembered that they were once married before. I guess Stacey coming after me confirmed my suspicions.

"What's that supposed to mean?" He said lowly as he looked back at me, his eyes darkening a bit.

"I-I uh i-it's nothing," I stuttered as the intensity in his eyes frightened me a bit. I folded my arms suddenly feeling cold at the moment. Thank goodness the schools air conditioning system was loud enough no one would hear us in here.

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