"No not really," I answered honestly to which he chuckled in response revealing his perfect teeth.

"Relax Freckles, there is a hot dog truck by student housing buildings and I was gonna take you there for lunch." He reasoned making me visibly relax that were not going to his place. We start walking again as Ryan lead the way.

We walked for what seemed like 15 minutes before we spotted a few food trucks lined up by the curb as there were only a few people there.

"Pick a table and I'll get the hot dogs," Ryan said before he jogged off to one of the trucks.

I made my way over to the wooden bench and table by the cherry blossom tree placing my bag on the table. The apartment buildings were a couple meters away from were I sat as I took in the environment. There was a pool right behind me and I couldn't help but feel the urge to jump in.

The heat was insane today and I had finally decided on wearing a t-shirt. Most of my wounds had healed up on my arms so I had nothing to but a few scars on my arms but they weren't too noticeable.  At least I could avoid Alicia's constant comments about my long sleeves in this heat. I had other scars on my legs and back that hadn't healed yet but I didn't have to worry about anyone looking in those places any time soon.

"Here you go," Ryan placed a hot dog tray in front of me. The smell of the sausage and fried vegetables filled my nose as I hadn't realized how hungry I was.  I had skipped breakfast earlier because I didn't have much of an appetite due to my anxiety and stress. He passed me a water bottle to which I thanked him before taking in the meal before me.

"Pickles, cheese, bacon, hot peppers and even more cheese. Dig in!" Ryan said cheerfully as he sat in front of me digging into his food. We ate in silence as we enjoyed the food and each other's company. I couldn't help but giggle at Ryan's over dramatic moans on how good the food was.

"So tell me more about the carnival," I uttered out in between bites as I was eager to get a distraction from my own issues.

"Well it's more for the whole town then just the school. The soccer field is where they are gonna set up a few of the rides and other carnival games to win prizes. The week is filled with events all getting prepped for the homecoming game on Saturday.The school sponsors the fair because it's all basically football oriented and to give back to the town and community for supporting the football team. Basically thanks for being die hard fans. All the proceeds are going to charity and the school sports teams but mainly the football team." He finished as he wiped his hands with the napkins.

"This school really takes their football very seriously huh," I inquired as wrapped up my food putting it to the side.

"You have no idea. This school is definitely all about showing school spirit and really being apart of the community. There is gonna be alumni and families at the carnival so it's gonna be full but pretty chill. I'm looking forward to the fireworks the most," he told me as I couldn't help but notice how happy he was talking about the carnival.

"Have you ever been?" I asked him.

"Many times. My Dad is an alumni so we've come every year for as long as I can remember. The fireworks were always my favorite part." He replied giving me a small smile. "This would be the first year he is gonna come with me being a football player. Just like him," he whispered the last part slightly clenching his jaw.

"He played football too?"

"Yup. He was a badass too. I take after him. But if you were to ask him though he would tell you that we are nothing alike," he chuckled sarcastically as if to hide the resentment in his voice.

"You ready to go back?" He said abruptly suddenly looking on edge. He ran his hands through his blonde hair in frustration as he seemed a bit angry.

"Yeah I need to head to the library before my next class." I told him not wanting to upset him any further.

"Alright. I'm sorry for acting weird it's just my Dad is a sore subject for me and I get pretty worked up when it comes to him," he apologized as his whole body language soften and he wasn't as tense as a few moments earlier.

"I understand. I shouldn't have asked, it won't happen again." I apologize feeling a bit at fault for making him feel uncomfortable.

"Don't worry about it Freckles. It's not your fault, let me walk you back to the main campus building." He offered.

"No that's okay, I can get back on my own. It's not to far from here anyway," I declined as I grabbed my backpack from the table.

"Alright well I'll see you later at practice then ?" He asked.

"Yeah i'll see you then." I replied before heading out separate ways.

Ryan was actually not as bad as he makes himself out to be at times. He may come off a bit cocky at times but he was starting become a friend of mine and I didn't mind a bit.

My phone started to ring in my pocket startling me all over again as I had dreaded anytime it ever rang. Slipping my phone out of my jean pocket my heart sunk as I recognized the phone number.


Damn it!

I tried to calm my nerves as I took a deep breath before answering the phone.

"Hello?" I said calmly trying my best not to stutter.

"Hey Robin, it was so nice to meet you yesterday! How are you doing this afternoon?" She said cheerfully making me dread this even more. My footsteps moved slowly as I was trying my best not to freak out in public.

"I-I'm okay," I uttered mentally cursing myself for stuttering.

"Good. Well I'm just calling to make sure that you kept our little discussion to yourself," she stated as I could hear her voice turn from cheerful to menacing.

"Uh um yeah I did."

"Good, make sure you check your email. I'll see you in two weeks." And with that she hung up the phone.

Well now I definitely can't tell Joe.

What the hell am I going to do now.....

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