Black Rose

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"You sure you don't want them?" Joe asked as he stuffed his face with fries gesturing for me to take some.

"Nah I'm good," I declined in between taking a sips of my sweet ice tea.

We were parked at a Burger King parking lot eating the rest of the food we had ordered through the drive thru.

Well at least Joe was.

I watched as he ate the rest of the fries with a satisfied grin on his face as he seemed much more relaxed than the previous weekend.

"You haven't said much," He spoke up as he laid back slightly reclining his seat getting comfortable in his position.

"Neither have you," I replied following suit as I reclined my own seat. At least this way it was less intense between us.

"I have something to ask you." I turned to face him to see that his eyes were closed as his head was still facing forward. His beard was starting to grow a bit making his jawline look bolder than ever.

"What is it?" I almost croaked out not sure what to expect from him.

"Do you trust me," He asked as he turning his head to look at my eyes. His grey eyes pierced through mine as he was waited for my answer.

"Yeah," I replied with ease as I stared back at him also waiting for his reaction. He slightly chuckled and went back into the position he was in before and closed his eyes.

"That's it?" I rose my eyebrow slightly wondering why he was being mysterious about it.

"Yeah. That's it." He replied eyes still closed. I chose to leave it at that and laid back and closed my own eyes. We sat in a comfort silence as I debated whether or not if this was a good time to bring up Stacey.

"Trust is a big thing," He mumbled out. I furrowed my eyes slightly turning to face the side of his face.


"Hm,"He hummed out lowly as his eyes were still closed.

"Are you falling asleep?"

"Nah, just thinking." I turned my head back and closed my own eyes.

Well this isn't weird at all.

We sat there in silence as I let myself drown in my thoughts and feelings. I was contemplating on whether or not it was a good idea to bring up Miss Flowers.

But then again what right did I have to know his business?

I had secrets of my own I had to keep and definitely don't want to answer to anyone about it. Some part of me was still waiting on my parents to make some type of contact with me so they could drag me back. But I had hoped that the didnt care about me enough to look for me. I just hoped for my sake it was true.

"What are you thinking about?" I heard his deep voice take me out of my thoughts.

"Uh Nothing," I lied terribly.

"You've has this worried thinking face for a while now," he answered now facing me in his seat. I swallowed the lump of nerves down my throat and turned my head a bit to face his curious demeanor.

"Well um," I began before I was interrupted by my phone ringing.

That's weird.

No one ever calls me. I excused myself from Joe and left the car and decided to take the call.

I walked a few feet away from the car as I stared at the unknown number calling my phone.

Maybe I'm just being paranoid.

I took one last deep breath hoping it was just a marketing number.

"Hello?" I breathed out.

"Oh Robin, it's so good to hear your voice," I heard Miss flowers chirpy voice through the phone sending shivers down my spine.

"M- Miss Flowers?" I croaked out as a million thoughts ran through my mind.

"It's Stacey." She states firmly as her cheerful tone has disappeared making my heart sink even more. I turned to look at the car parked from a distance checking to see if Joe was looking.

I watched as he stepped out of the car making my heart beat faster as I didn't want him to hear me.

"I know you are on lunch break right now so I was hoping to chat with you for a bit in my office," she continued to speak as I was frozen on the spot. "As your new counselor I feel as though you need a proper welcoming and hopefully get to know you better," she spoke as I tried to figure out what to do.

"But I thought I already had a counselor," I replied trying to make sense of what she was telling me.

"Well you did... but since I'm new to the staff, the higher ups decided that I get all the knew kids for this semester. I figure it would be a great way to get to know the girl that's been sleeping with my man," she stated calmly.

"The front office is expecting you so they will show you the way to my office, I'll see you in my office in fifteen minutes."

She hung up.

I walked back to the car deciding that I had to go back to the school.

"Everything okay baby girl," Joe's deep voice snapped my out of my thinking trance as I looked up at him leaning against the car on the drivers side, arms crossed on top of the car.

" Y-yeah I just need to go back to school to take care of some things," I tried to reply as calmly as possible. He stared at me for a few seconds as if examining my face. I hoped he wouldn't ask me any questions as I was already on the verge of almost losing it.

"Alright, lets go," he finally spoke up as I sighed in relief getting in the car with him. He wasted no time as he started the car and we were on our way back to school. I only had fifteen minutes to get there and I feared what Stacey would do if I didn't make it in time.

We drove in silence as I tried to call myself before facing her.

What does she want from me?

Maybe now isn't the best time to ask Joe about it. I knew that the main reason I didn't want to ask was because I had secrets of my own. I just wished all of this wasn't happening right now.

"Must have been some phone call huh," Joe's voice interrupted my thoughts.

"Oh uh i-it was just something for school," I replied not completely wanting to lie.

We were back at the school in no time as I gathered my things getting ready to go.

"So maybe I'll see you after practice?" He asked as he turned to face me.

"Maybe," I replied giving him a weak smile as I knew where I was about to go.

"I'll see you later," I stated as I exited the car quickly not wanting to to waste the little time I had left to get to the office. 

I guess it's time for me to finally meet Stacey....

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