Love Drought

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Joseph POV

"Being that this is your first loss of the season, do you find this as a major set back for your boys tonight?" A reporter asked me and Dean as we were on the panel tonight. We were back at the hotel were the press conference was being held.

"Not necessarily a major set back but more of a wake up call. Like you said it's a new season and it's only the beginning," I replied confidently as I knew how these things went. We lost bad tonight and it probably had to do with us tiring out the players yesterday but we knew it was necessary.

"There were reports of your men running suicides in yesterday afternoons practice. Was that a wise choice considering the result tonight?" A man with a red blazer and note pad asked giving a wicked smirk.

"All coaches are different and I think everybody in this room can agree that my methods are a bit unorthodox. But I know what it takes to win. Yes we lost today. Do I regret making them run those laps? Hell no," Dean answered with ease making the reporters face fall before sitting back down.

"But you can agree that your men weren't a hundred percent tonight," Another reporter spoke up as her stood up eagerly with his note pad in hand. Dean answered the question in a haste as I could sense the frustration in his voice. My suit felt uncomfortable at the moment as I felt irritated at the journalist constant attempt to make a fool of us on television. I was just glad that we didn't have a conference for every single game. These people were fucking vultures.

"That's all the questions we are going to answer for tonight," I spoke up as I got the signal from one of the camera man on the side. Dean and I headed out of the room as we knew they would be in there for another hour interviewing the other teams coaches. We made our way to the lobby in silence as we were both pretty annoyed at the moment. There seemed to be a lot more activity in the hotel than the last few days as people were trying to walk towards the conference room. My phone started to ring in my pocket as we arrived at the lobby.

"It's my Father," I tensed up as his name flashed across my phone screen.

"Go ahead an take it. I'm gonna go pack," Dean replied as he waved me off as I answered my phone walking to a more secluded area of the lobby.

"Hey Dad," I tightened my jaw as I braced myself for the worst.

"Hello Joseph. How are you doing?" His gruff voice rang through the phone.

"I'm fine Dad," I responded clearing my throat.

"I watched the game with your brother. It's still early in the season so there will be more opportunities to win," He encouraged. I was surprised by his tone as he didn't seem hostile at all. I guess my mother kept her word.

"Yeah. We will win the next game," I responed carefully.

"I know we didn't leave off on the best terms the last time you were home, but you know I always want what is best for you. You know that right?" He asked as memories of that day played in my mind. The same day Robin and had our first date.

"Yeah, I know." I sighed rubbing my growing stubble.

"Alright then. I trust you will make the right decisions when it comes to your personal life," He replied as his voice was laced with clear warning. I noticed a figure seemingly waiting for me from the corner of my eye.

"Dad I have to go," I urged as I wanted to be done with this phone call.

"That's fine. I'll see you soon," He responded before we ended the phone call. That's how most conversations with my Dad went most of the time, never too long.

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