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Joseph POV

"Get your gear and head to the busses. You'll be running suicides all practice and I better not hear anyone complain about your sore muscles tomorrow," Dean finally ended his long speech about the events that happened last night. Apparently everybody on the team had not stayed in their rooms and had either went to a strip club or tried to gamble at the casino across the street. We had spent the rest of the night rounding them up before they cause anymore trouble probably costing us the game tomorrow. We were both pretty angry as it would reflect badly on the both of us.

They started to file out of the room slowly as I knew they were all pretty tired from the night before. I made my way over to Robin and of course Ryan was not to far from her.

"I need to speak with you Robin," I cleared my throat as I approached them. She gave me a small smile as stood by the table of refreshments holding a water bottle. I fought the urge to smile back as turned my attention to Ryan as he hadn't left her side.

"Do you need something Whitmore?" I asked already irritated by the fact that he was so close to her.

"Are you gonna be okay alone with him?" He asked her ignoring my question. I rolled my eyes crossing my eyes as I waited for hi to leave.

"Yeah. I'll see you on the bus," she replied softly. He nodded to her before giving me a blank look and leaving.

"He really is becoming a pain in my ass," I took that opportunity to hug her. She wrapped her arms around my neck as I my nose brushed against her neck slightly.

"He's just being nice," she replied as we broke the hug apart.

"So now he cares?" I scoffed as I didn't buy into Ryan's bullshit. He was trouble and I didn't like the fact that she had become friend with him. But then again I didn't want to seem like I was controlling her.

"How are you feeling?" I asked not wanting to waste my time talking about him anymore.

"Like crap. I'm just glad I didn't get fired." She sighed out as she seemed pretty tired. Dean had yelled at her and Alicia for their part in last nights festivities. He promised to fire them next time they fucked up badly.

"I wouldn't have let that happen," I assured her as I knew she wouldn't have gone out on her own.

"Yeah well never again," she shook her head as she seemed back to her normal self.

"Well I got to see another side of you last night," I smirked as her eyes went wide.

"Let's forget that ever happened," she whispered as she bit her lip keeping her from smiling.

"Which part exactly? When I carried you across the street or when your tongue was down my throat?" I replied as her jaw dropped.

"It was not!" She squealed as she crossed her hands.

"Was too." I replied stepping closer to her.

"I-I was drunk. I d-don't remember much any way," she struggled to get out as I snaked my hands around her waist.

"Does that mean you don't remember doing this," I leaned down and captured her lips with mine. The kiss wasn't as intense as last night as we both knew better. Although I couldn't help but slip my tongue in her mouth as I had craved the feeling of hers against mine. We had been cut off my phone ringing the previous night and I had remembered that I had left Dean at the strip club. He didn't seem too angry that I had left him, only that a few of the players were caught at the casino trying to gamble.

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