Sweet Sugar

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Robin POV

"You're being ridiculous right now!" I yelled as I didn't understand what he was so upset about.

I had been running on drunk adrenaline ever since he had caught me in the club and I didn't know how I was even  standing right now.

"What's ridiculous is you being out at a strip club in the middle of the fucking night with some other guy!" He yelled angrily as he rose from the couch definitely reminding me of his height over me.

"I'm sorry. Can we please stop yelling at each other?" I asked softly a little intimidated of him at the moment.

He was right, I had no excuse for being out this late. He sighed in frustration as he rubbed his beard furiously.

"I'm sorry. We shouldn't be yelling at each other," he stopped in front of me giving me an apologetic look.

"I just really need you to be careful around him," he warned. He looked as if he wanted to say more but decided against pressing the issue further.

"I will," I assured him as he gave me a slight nod.

"I guess I just want to know why you even agreed to go out with him," he asked as I he was trying to understand my behavior.

"I don't know. I'm just trying to make friends Joe," I shook my head as I tried to turn away from his intense gaze.

"Those aren't the type of friends you want baby girl," he held me in his grasp keeping me from avoiding the conversation.

"Have you been drinking?" I asked changing the subject as I smelt the alcohol on his breath.

"Maybe a little." He answered as I noticed his eyes flicker between my lips and eyes.

I felt a rush of lust as I had become aroused by his firm chest pressed against me.

"Kiss me," I whispered boldly as I craved the feeling of his lips against mine.

Before I could blink his lips were glued to mine making my heart pound fiercely. His lips moved against mine with command as my arms found their way around his neck.

The alcohol left pumping in my veins intensified the feeling of euphoria.

I felt his hands travel down to my bottom giving a hard squeeze making me gasp. He didn't waste time slipping his tongue in my mouth as I let him take control.

My heart raced with adrenaline as felt him lean my back against the couch as swiftly made himself comfortable in between my legs.

He broke the kiss for moment leaning his forehead against mine trying to catch his breath. "Did I do something wrong?" I asked as I tried to catch my own breath.

"No." He spoke in a deeper tone then I was used to making me desire for him increase by the second.

I didn't waste time as pressed my lips back on his picking up where we left off.

His tongue already eager to find mine, I melted in his arms as my hands travelled back to his neck.

I made the mistake of tugging on to his hair as he responded with thrusting his hard member against me making a loud moan escape my lips. I bit my lip in embarrassment as felt shame wash over me at my sudden outburst.

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