Cherry Blossom

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Joseph POV

"Can somebody tell me why the hell you all aren't in your rooms?!!" I yelled angrily over the loud music as I had marched over to their group. They ran in scurry realizing who I was making their escape before I could get to them. Fucking cowards.

"Are you okay?" I asked as I kneeled down helping Robin up as she had somehow fell to the floor as Ryan was no where in sight.

"Joe?" She gasped as she looked shocked to see me as I was furious to see her.

"What the hell are you doing here Robin?" I asked her as pierced my eyes through her panicked wide brown eyes.

"Having fun?" She laughed nervously as she looked up at me with glossy eyes as I knew she had to have taken something.

"At a strip club?" I asked as I folded my arms waiting to hear her explanation.

"Gosh loosen up Leati!" She shouted suddenly as threw her hands in the air before trying to go back into the dancing crowd. I reached my arms out grabbing her as I took a look into her eyes realizing something was off.

"Are you drunk?" I asked her as searched her eyes as she burst into a giggling fit before shaking her head.

"No," she shook her head as she looked anywhere but me.

"Come on. We're going back to the hotel," I told her as dragged her out of the loud club by her wrists. I couldn't help but feel the need to get her safe before she started throwing up all over the place.

"Slow dowwnnnn," she shouted as I felt her other hand try to pry my hand off her other wrist. I ignored her as I held on tighter as I was still angry but I knew I had to get her safe in the hotel room. We made it outside into the busy night as people were still trying to get into the club and some were leaving.

"Did you kiss him?" I asked as I stopped on the side of the building giving us some privacy. I needed to know the question that had been itching at me since I had spotted the two. I had seen how close they were earlier and I wanted to know if anything had happened.

"What?" She asked in confusion as she leaned against the building wall to keep her from swaying.

"Did you kiss Ryan?" I asked impatiently as I needed to know.

"What? No!! Of course not!" She denied to which I sighed a breath of relief. I had seen red ever since seeing her in his arms on the dance floor. He was lucky for his sake he ran before I could send him flying across the damn room.

"You know you're here yelling at me for being at a strip club, what the hell were you even doing here in the first place!" She suddenly yelled angrily taking me by surprise. I noticed her dress for the first time tonight. She looked sexy as the black dress with flowery roses hugged her small frame. Her legs exposed to me for the first time looked amazing in the black heels she wore as I was tempted to take her right here and now.

"Joe!" She yelled as she snapped her fingers in front of me waiting for my answer. I had to admit it was cute hearing her yell at me considering she was usually a quiet person.

"What?" I asked as I had been distracted by her alluring appearance.

"What are you doing at a strip club?" She asked as she crossed her arms as she waited for my answer. I smirked at her attitude as it was a different side to her.

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