Chapter 4

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"Oh my god!" Mia squealed, as I told her about Demi.

"Relax," I sighed tiredly.

"Ally, please please please tell me you like Demi. Please." She begged.

"What the hell? I don't know how many times I've told you but I don't like Demi," I added, "at all."

"Okay listen, we both know that at one point in your life you contemplated being bi," She winked at me.

My mind went back to grade 9, when I first developed a crush on a girl. I was confused, I hadn't liked a girl ever since I got over her.

"But, I like boys okay." I protested.

"You always say if you meet someone you like it doesn't matter if it's a girl or a boy. Please, give her a chance," Mia pleaded, pulling into my driveway.

"I guess I'm gonna have to." I shrugged, climbing out.

"Touch her butt!" Mia called with a huge laugh, as I closed the door and walked inside.

I threw my bag on the ground, frustrated and not in the mood for homework.

I checked my phone, a new message from Demi.

'Hey :)'


'So I'll pick you up tomorrow, 7?'

'Sounds good, yeah'

I texted her my address, slightly regretting it.

'Thanks, see you tomorrow <3'

I felt myself blush as I read the heart, I stupidly slapped myself out of it.

No, I couldn't fall for Demi.

Not for her, not a celebrity, not anyone. I didn't trust anyone in terms of a relationship anymore.

I finished my homework as Dad walked in with the twins and Jordan, and immediately started to heat up a lasagna.

"How was your day Ally?" He asked, kissing my head.

"It was good. Hey Dad, can I go to a party tomorrow?"

He chuckled, leaving me confused. "With who?"

"Demi Lovato."

I watched him practically choke on air.

"Yeah, she's at my school, yeah she asked me to go. So can I?" I demanded.

"Um, yeah, yeah sure." He replied, still shocked.

I went through the day avoiding everyone talking about the party, ignoring the constant talk about me and Demi.

Mia dropped me off after school, her usual excited self was even more excited, if it was possible.

"Mia, will you help me pick out an outfit?" I begged nicely.

"Sorry, say that again?" She demanded, grinning.

I rolled my eyes. "I need your help."

Mia smiled to herself the whole way home, then followed me into my house and upstairs into my room.

"What kind of outfit are you looking for?" Mia asked, freely going through my closet.

"You tell me. I have no clue what to wear," I admitted, biting my lip.

She continued piecing together an outfit, I pulled out my phone and scrolled through instagram, waiting for her to be done.

"Ally!" She called excitedly.

I set my phone down and stood up to look at the simple outfit she picked out, a black tight skirt with a tight pink shirt.

"Thanks Mia," I said as I pulled her into a hug.

"I have to go, but oh my god have fun, and text me okay?"

"Of course," I smiled and walked her out.

I made a quick dinner for myself, since Mom and Dad were at work and a jordan and the twins were at daycare, and went to get dressed and ready.

'Hey I'm on my way(:' -Demi texted me.

I rushed, looking myself in the mirror and making sure I looked alright, but not for Demi. This was gonna be filled with the popular kids.

A knock at the door made me jump, I grabbed my purse and opened it, letting Demi in.

She was wearing a tight black dress, it hugged her figure perfectly.

"Hey,-wow." Demi stopped, her mouth opening. "You look incredible."

I nervously laughed and scratched my arm. "Thanks, so do you."

So much for making an effort to flirt.

I locked the door after myself, and followed Demi into her car, she opened the door for me.

"Thanks, you're quite the gentlemen," I attempted to joke, to lighten the mood.

She giggled, it was pretty cute actually.

I snapped myself out of it, I was not falling for Demi, no way.

We went into the party together, it was loud, crazy, definetly not my scene. I attempted to cover it up, but I knew Demi noticed.

"Wanna dance?" Demi muttered in my ear, over the music.

I took her hand hesitantly and followed her towards the centre of the room, where everyone was grinding.

"Ever done this before?" She murmured, sending shivers down my neck.

"No," I gulped.

Demi placed her hands high on my waist, trailing them down slowly.

I felt myself wanting more, I desperately wanted her lips, it took all my strength to fight the urge, and I stormed out of the house.

"Ally?" Demi called after me.

I walked out into the backyard, trying to contain myself.

"Ally, what's wrong?" Demi asked, grabbing my arm.

I quickly pulled away, facing her.

"Did I do something?" She asked, looking genuinely concerned.

"Yes, you did," I groaned.

"Are you..gonna tell me what?"

"You're making me fall for you, making me believe that you actually care about me, that you're real." I snapped.

"But, I am real?"

"No, you're a celebrity, and, and," I stuttered, my mind was racing.

"And what? What is that supposed to mean Ally? I'm a real person, just like you. How about you tell me the real reason why you won't give me a chance," Demi demanded.

I rubbed the side of my head.

"I don't trust anyone since my last realtionship, okay? This is happening too fast, and it's scaring me." I admitted, leaving Demi standing alone outside.

I ran to the front of the house and dialed Mia's number.

"Mia, please please come pick me up." I begged.

"Why? What's wrong? I'm coming!"

I sighed of relief, I was so glad I had Mia.

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