Chapter 2; Friends and a Quest

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Chapter 2; Friends and a Quest

Aaron forgot all her worries when she saw her best-friend; Lily. The blonde haired Elf, with sparkling golden eyes, was leaning against a great pine tree looking seemly patiently, but Aaron knew better. The young Elf was holding in a wild run toward them with shinning tears.

"Aaron!" Aragorn yelled as she jumped off Lore and ran toward her friend, his yell did nothing to stop her. She hadn't seen Lily in so long, she wasn't going to let anything stop her from hugging her. Even if she needed a bath, a change of clothes, and a hair brushing, she didn't care and neither did Lily as she too ran forward. Their embrace was so forced that they fell to the ground in a heap of laughter, and Lily's tears of joy.

" smell like a dog." Lily said holding her nose and rolling away.

"Hmm...maybe because I am one." Aaron answered, sitting up.

"You sure are. Come on." Lily pulled Aaron's arm, causing them to stand and pulled her toward the congregation of buildings. "Let's get you cleaned up before dinner." Aaron followed but she didn't really want to change clothes or take a bath. She had gotten use to the smell, and she wanted it to stay that way. But Lily wasn't about to let her best friend smell like a wolf and have supper.

Aragorn watched them as they ran off. He still sat upon Lore when Lord Elrond came out with Lindir behind him, his thoughts running away with him, and his mind in another world.

"Glad to see you made it safely." Elrond said in their native tongue, knocking the ranger back to earth.

"We are too." Aragorn replied as he jumped down from Lore and began leading him to the stables.

"Wash up and then we'll talk over dinner." Elrond said. Aragorn nodded his head and kept walking, his thoughts running again.

He was still gone as he unsaddled Lore and fed him fresh hay and oats. He hadn't been hom in so long, it seemed almost wrong, but whatever called him home continued to do so, and he obeyed, if not for himself then Aaron.


"I need you to go to Bree." Lord Elrond said as he and Aragorn ate dinner at the long table on the balcony over-viewing the whole of Rivendell.

"What for-?" But Aragorn was interrupted by laughter. Elrond and Aragorn looked at the door as Lily, Arwen-Lord Elrond's daughter-and Aaron came in. Aaron was dressed in a long Elven dress, her long black and silver hair was in a braid going down her back, and Her sword was at her side-like always. Aragorn smiled at how she was dressed. Aaron never wore dresses, but somehow they had gotten her in one, but her sword never left her side, and that would never change; if she couldn't have her bow then she had her sword, or at least some weapon that stood out. She liked to silently shout out that she meant business. Aragorn believed it was the dominate wolf part of her mind that wanted to look dangerous, and therefore she always looked dangerous.

When the girls saw Lord Elrond they quieted down but kept talking and laughing. Arwen shot Aragorn a smile, before talking again.

"What for?" Aragorn looked back at Lord Elrond and finished his sentence, although now his thoughts were elsewhere again.

"I received word from Mithrandir that a Hobbit by the name of Frodo Baggins is carrying something that needs protection." Aragorn opened his mouth. "Yes, he is related to Bilbo." Aragorn closed his mouth. "You are to go and meet Gandalf there and help him protect this Hobbit."

"Both of us?" Aragorn glanced a finally smiling and happy Aaron. She was going to kill him with he told her they had to leave.

"Well, I didn't expect you to leave Aaron behind. She goes with you even on short hunting trips. I would think you were going to take her." Aragorn smiled at the memories of when she was younger and would scream and bite until he let her go. Now it was like second nature to have her with him; like his sword being just an extension of his arm.

Lindir came over and whispered into Elrond's ear while Aragorn was-again-in his own thoughts, at the same time as staring at the girls.

"Ah...Bilbo is here," Elrond turned his attention back to Aragorn, and breaking His and Arwen's staring contest. "...and would very much like to see you."

"I'll see him in the morning." He answered, standing. "Right now we are both in need of a good night's sleep!" He said 'sleep' a little louder causing Aaron to look at him. She nodded, then turned to the Elves around her and said goodnight. She followed Aragorn out of the room, but sent him a glare when they were ear-range free.

She didn't like the interruption, Aragorn mused.


Right as Aaron was in her room she tore the dress off; leaving it to rot on the floor, and put back on her pants and hunting top. A knife was at her hip as she climbed into bed; just the feeling of it calmed her nerves. Besides, Rivendell was a well fortified place. That should comfort her enough, but she liked the little dagger and left it in place. Right as her head hit the bed the door was knocked on, and sleep was thrown over the balcony. Aaron buried her head in her pillows with the loudest groan she could muster; hoping the person on the other side of the door could hear it.

"Come in." She yelled, her voice barely muffled by the feather pillows. The door opened and Aragorn walked in, looking every bit as tired as she felt.

"We need to talk." Aaron lifted her head and looked at him; glaring.

"Last time you said that we were in this same exact room and the next morning we left. Do I want to leave? No." She looked at the dress on the ground, debating how long she could avoid being forced into it again. "Well, at least not yet."

"No, we won't leave tomorrow." She dropped her head again. That normally meant the next day. "I have to visit Bilbo tomorrow."

She snapped her eyes toward him, narrowing them. "Bilbo's here?"

"Yes, but Aaron."

She groaned and pushed her head deeper into the fabric. "There's the 'but Aaron'."Aragorn sat on her bed and played with her black and silver streaked hair.

"Aaron, we are leaving in two days time. Don't say anything." He added as she opened her mouth. "We are going to Bree, to protect a Hobbit named Frodo Baggins. You can't tell Bilbo." He cut her off again. "Bilbo is his uncle. He doesn't know he's coming."

"Why are we protecting a Hobbit?" She asked before He could stop her. She released a "Whew," when he didn't interrupt her.

"He's carrying something..." He frowned, still trying to figure out what the something was. "Something that needs protecting."

"So, really we're protecting a thing?" She rolled her eyes his way. These missions were always boring and ended much too quickly for her taste.


"Sounds fun." She rolled over and away from him; her body cocooned in the sheets. "Now, can I please go to bed?"

Aragorn chuckled. "Yes, you may. Sleep good."

"You too. Go to sleep." She said as he stood from the bed. She knew full well that she'd have to tie him to the bed to get him to actually lay down and sleep. He looked back and smiled. As the door closed Aaron's head hit the pillow and she went to sleep-finally. Her last thought being; Happy birthday to me.


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