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Hello people, readers, writers, or what have you.

In a spur of the moment I decided to write this. But I have something to say before you read this short story.

It could be controversial. It is obviously about Christianity, rather than my usual gay romance books. Thus is why it is in its own book, rather than my one shot book because it wouldn't fit.

If you have anything against Christianity, that is totally fine, I respect your views. However, if you do hate Christianity, then I wouldn't advise you to read this.

Now onto the lighter points.

This is set in a new world, quite a few years from now. And yes, I know the barcode tattoos are not an original idea. It may be reminiscent of other books, but please understand I am not intending to steal that idea. I just like the idea of that, the "mark of the beast" as certain Christians call it.

So with that being said I hope you enjoy. And if you don't, well I'm sorry you didn't but I understand not everyone will like this as it is such a touchy subject.

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