[Chapter One-Login]

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[Heyitsmel logs in]


[Smoltrash logs in]

Smoltrash:Hi....who is this?

Heyitsmel:A random stranger who needs a friend

Smoltrash:Hi,random-stranger-who-needs-a-friend.How are you?

Heyitsmel:Okay,I guess.I have a test tomorrow which sucks

Smoltrash:Well,then go study.

Heyitsmel:Already did.I should probably do it again,but I have a severe cases of procrastination.

Smoltrash:Lol same XD

Heyitsmel:Dinner's ready gtg c u l8er

Smoltrash:English please

[Heyitsmel logs out]

Smoltrash:Okay then I'll decipher this never seen language by myself.


This is a book where I just type a conversation and see if it ends up well.If it doesn't I'll rewrite it.So these chapters will be pretty short.Not all of them will be like this.Some of them will be them at school.I'm sorry this is awful!Love you and bye!

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