chapter 16

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Chapter 16

  /One month later/

"stay still already!" shadow exlaimed.

Sonic just giggled as he crawled under the bed, butt naked, as shadow chased him around with a diaper. Shadow finally caught him.

"how the heck do you crawl so fast?!?". Sonic just laughed.

  /5 minutes later/

Shadow walked with sonic in his arms into scourges messy bed room. "scourge! Didnt I tell you to clean up this mess!?" he exclaimed.

Scourge popped out of a dirty pile of socks and looked toward shadow and sonic "no? When did you say that?" he said.

Shadow sighed and rubbed his temple "yesterday, when I walked into your room".


shadow walked into the room after putting sonic to sleep in the other room.

'that kid is way too hyper' shadow thought, remembering how many times sonic decided to 'escape' the crib and play 'hide and seek' when he tried to get him to sleep.


Suddenly,  shadow found himself on the floor, a sharp pain emerging from his back.  

He saw a skateboard near his foot and growled "SCOURGE!" he yelled.   The child appeared up the stairs, muzzle covered in sprinkles and icecream. He looked down and saw shadow lying on the floor, glaring up at him.

"this room better be clean by tomorrow.  got it?!" he said annoyed. Scourge gulped and nodded vigorously.  shadow got up and walked downstairs angrily. Scourge walked into his room, making sure he didnt step on anything. He looked down and saw a dirty cookie on the floor.

He picked it up "I was wondering where that went!" he exclaimed.


  scourge look up at his father " oh yeeeah, now I remember,  heh" he laughed nervously as he scratched the back of his head.

Shadows glare never faltered he pointed to the inside of the room "clean. NOW." he growled out.

Scourge gulped and ran inside the room, shutting the door behind him.

Shadow sighed, feeling a bit guilty about being so harsh to the kid. He opened the door and saw scourge picking up stuff hurriedly.

 "hey..." shadow started.

Scourge looked up, expecting to be yelled at, said "um....yeah?..."

Shadow sighed, not believing what he was about to say "how about...after you clean and everything....we go out and get ice cream".

Scourges eyes lit up "really!?!" he said, voice filled with excitement. Shadow nodded and gave out a small smile. 

Scourge ran up to him and hugged his legs "yes!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" he said.

Shadow chuckled "no problem kid" he said, glad that he had made scourge happy.

"alright now, start cleaning so that we can go" shadow said.

 "ok!" scourge said, now smiling as he started to clean. Shadow closed the door and walked down the hallway.  

No later than 3 seconds when crying penetraded the air. He groaned and turned around and walked into his and sonics room.

Near the king sized bed was a crib. Shadow walked over and looked inside. Sonic was on his back and flailing his arms and legs.

His eyes were open as tears poured out of them. He saw shadow and reached out to him. Shadow bent down and picked him up. He rocked him back and forth in his arms until he calmed down. He attempted to put the child back in the crib, but sonic started to cry again, so he brought the child with him downstairs.

     He heard the door bell ring and went to answer it. He opened the door and saw silver colored hedgehog waiting at the door. His quills were shaped in front of his forhead like a cockatoo.

He had wierd boots on, and gloves to match. He had a notepad in his hand as he looked at shadow.  

"hello! Im Silver! Im from the child services,  im here for one of the random visits they told you about" he said.   He brought his hand out for shadow to shake.

Shadow shook his hand and said "Shadow. Shadow the hedgehog." silver smiled and nodded.

  Shadow let him inside and they both sat on the couch.

  Silver spoted Sonic staring at him and asked "and whos this little guy!". He started to tickle the babies peach tummy as Sonic burst out in laughter.

"this is Sonic" shadow said simply.

 "how old is he?" silver asked as Shadow let him take sonic onto his lap.

"4 months" shadow stated.

"wow, he looks alot older than that." silver said.

"do you have any other kids that you've adopted?" he asked.

Shadow nodded "he's upstairs".

Just as he said that, scourge came running down the stairs yelling "ICE CREAM! ICE CREAM!! ICE CREAM! ICE CR-" he froze as he realized there was someone else in the room.

He walked towards the couch and stood in front of them. He pointed to silver "dad, who's that?" he said.

Silver answered for him "im silver, I came to pay your dad a little visit".

Scourge stopped pointing and asked "oh...are you his friend or somethin'?".

Silver glanced  to shadow before saying "I guess you could say that".

Scourge nodded before looking to shadow "were still getting ice cream right?" he asked innocently.

Shadow nodded. He got up, gave scourge a jaket, put a sweater on sonic, and walked towards the door. Silver, not knowing what to do,  just stayed on the couch.

Shadow opened the door and turned around "you coming pothead?".

Silver blushed in embarrassment and scrambled off the couch. He rans towards the others as they all left the house, and off to an ice cream parlor.

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