Chapter 10 | The Badly Ended Meeting

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Third Person POV

Everyone jumped on the sound of the voice but they immediately recognized it. Nyx froze and was staring shell-shocked. Hemera quickly lowered down her gaze. Ananke sighed.

"Chaos, as I tell you repeatedly, I know how to make a jo-"

"Pssshhhh yes, you know how but you don't want to get involved in that nonsense."

Chaos then turned to Percy who was having a contest with Nyx with, 'Who is the most shocked in the room?'

Chaos waved his hand in front of Percy and he blinked. Then he looked furious. "You! I told youuu"he broke of when he saw Gaea and Tartarus. Somehow a series of emotion played in his eyes. Anger, for all the things they've done to him. Fear, for they were parts of the voices that echoed in his mind. And lastly, sadness, because everything he went through with the 2 Primordials, he was with the seven especially Annabeth.

Chaos, on the other hand, chuckled and said, "Percy, I proudly present you the Primordial Council."He threw his hands around and gestured to the thrones. He looked like he was waiting for an explosion or something.

But nothing happened, instead Percy and the other Primordials were having a stare off. Gaea and Tartarus were looking at each other then looking at Percy but will quickly look away. Nyx and Hemara were glaring at him. Aether was beaming at Percy though he looked concerned especially as he looked at Percy's well being. Ananke, Chronus, and Ouranos was amused to Gaea, Nyx, and Tartarus' reactions. Pontus was studying Percy, as if thinking if he was a threat. Pontus was waiting for a chance to personally test Percy's power over water, obviously he has forgotten that Poseidon took those away from him.

Percy was having a series of emotion. Actually he was overwhelmed with the thought of thinking that there is another planet with the Primordials ruling over. Now, he was standing in front of the 2 deities who started the 2nd War he went through.

He pointed to Gaea, "You,"he whispered. "You're supposed to be asleep."his voice was barely a whisper already but you could hear it because the throne room was tpo silent except for the silent laughter emitting from Chaos, Chronos, and Ouranos.

Gaea tried very hard to look not too guilty. "Apparantly, I am not."She said monotonely.

He glared, "So you mean to say that all that *Greek cuss word* that we went through, was for nothing?"he tried to steady his tone.

",  you and your friends successfully sent my otherhalf into slumber."

Percy frowned, "What?"he asked confused.

Chaos went to explain but Tartarus beat him to it. He said, "Every Primordial has 4 quarters. Greek and Roman. Norm and Mano."he said. "Norm is where we are in our normal selves. Mano, well this is our state where only everything bad about us is shown."he added. "That is the Gaea and Tartarus you've met down on earth."

Percy, however, does not look convinced. He continued to glare them but they also glared back even though deep down that know they desrve his wrath.

"You're saying that we suffered for months because you were having personality disorders?"he whispered.

"I am afraid that is my fault."Ananke batted in. Percy looked at hera and she smiled. "An honor Perseus Jackson, I am Ananke, Primodial of Nessecity and Mother of the Fates."

Percy face hardened more, but Ananke spoke first, "You see it is my fault you suffered, it was not Gaea's or Tartarus' or even yours. I fated awakening Gaea and the daughter of Athena's fall in Tartarus if ever she chose to follow the Mark of Athena. I destined your friend, Leo's fate since he was born and the connection of your other friend, Hazel to him, was weaved since before. I have everything done before you."she said.

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