Chapter Two - Wild Things

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They have known each other throughout childhood and now here they are high school. He was a junior and she a freshman. Nina a girl who took after her mother of being isolated and kept only true friends close to her. She prefer quality over quantity. Despite being the daughter of rich millionaires business owner and fashion designers she kept herself down to earth and not a snob like creature like the other millionaire kids she knows.

Nina walked down the halls of her high school with only one of her friends besides her. The second she felt a little tingle on the corner of her lip, she quickly scanned the halls and eyes avoided him.

"One day you'll look in his eyes and just chase and give in." Her best friend since preschool, Elsa Sullivan said. Her Blonde friend was right and Nina knew she would but then again she can always keep on resisting the unsettling urge. After all the running he made her do and now hangs out with the people she is always trying to stay away from and has too many untrustworthy whore like "girl" friends around him.

"Nah there's other fishes in the sea of handsome and more worthy men." Nina said as she passed Elijah and his group of ghastly friends. While Nina looked forward she failed see that Elijah had heard her and felt jealousy by the thought of other fishes as in guys she could be into. Why couldn't he be that fish?

"What are you thinking about? You shouldn't be thinking till class starts...unless your thinking about me?" Clarissa, Elijah's current gum drop of a girlfriend said as she noticed him looking distance and not at her. The Self absorb red head made it her mission to keep Elijah Posada all to herself his year not like last year but Clarissa didn't understand the phrase or stage that a boy before becoming a man and after becoming a man like to try as many flavors of him drops or candy before settling for one to enjoy and favor. Which basically means date as many girls as possible before settling down and marrying. This applies to women too, oceans filled with many fish.

"Nothing just know we have exams today." He said before walking off from his group, his buddies from the football following behind him. While he walked down the halls he saw Nina again leaning against her locker smiling brightly at her friends as one of her guy friends, Archibald Scamander, comes over and puts his arm around her. She looks up at him smiling looking comfortable around her friends. Unlike every time they were forced to go to events where there families met and all of his friends where always there because of their families made her feel uncomfortable and fridge. She stayed away from them and close to her siblings and the only friend that's in the same circle of society as them. Which is him, deep down he saw him as his arch nemesis. Despite Nina being younger then him he cared deeply for her. As a child those feelings terrified him to the core. As he got older and the more distant they became by ocean length he still
Felt drawn to her and always admire her desire to be see apart and as her own person.

Unspoken they remained but in silence they made a pact to avoid each other and stay away from one another.

While the day progressed as normal the pact was broken when they accidentally ran into each other. Both running late to class fate had plans for them...and to ruin the ridiculous silence pact.

"I am so sorry I was trying to avoid someone and get to class without....oh it's you nevermind I was trying to avoid you..." Nina looked up at the ceiling. "Thanks Fate." She said sarcastically and gathered her books standing up and tried to walk away.

"Nina? Why are you trying to avoid me? Still...aren't we a little old for this!" Elijah said.

Nina took a deep breath knowing she would have to look at him again..his gorgeous blue eyes...listen to the sweet sound of his voice....brain mentally slaps her..whoops.

"Never to old to avoid people who basically ran from them at a Christmas party and didn't want to play pretend with my friends...I mean you have been the little brother so you wouldn't be the big sister the game but hey you were six years old." Nina Scoff and turned away "the Chaser says good by the Runner." She walked up in a fast pace for her dear life and once she got into the classroom her teacher asked why? And sarcastic Nina replied..

"Well I bumped into Posada and he asked me why I was still avoiding him and why I was still doing I told him all started at my parents Christmas party when he ran away and wouldn't play pretend because he didn't want to pretend to be the big sister i don't see the big deal he could have asked to be the brother instead...boys and oh I forgot to tell him." She quickly peeked out of the classroom seeing Elijah down the hall. "POSADA....and because you and your little friends call me a wild thing...and looks like I am one." Nina giggled as she went back into class with the class laughing.

Her teacher...her favorite teacher chuckled and rolled his eyes. "Have a seat Nina."

Thus the Art history lesson started with a proud wild thing sat in her chair with a proud smirk.

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