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When I arrived at Athena's house to say I was shocked was an understatement. I mean she and her mother are living in a old pack house that was abandoned years ago when I was a new born. I heard stories about The Redwood pack, they were the strongest pack until a powerful rogue army attacked them.

'Kaden'? I tested the pack link since I haven't used it in a long time.

'Yeah?' He responded instantly.

'Did you know your mate is living in the old Redwood pack house?'. I slowly asked.

'What!, how'?

'I don't know she invited me over and she just said her and her mom lives here, I'll ask for more information on it if you like'.

'Okay thanks for informing me Jasmine'. He says.


I regain my surroundings and look to see Athena staring at me like something happen.

"What?" I asked confused.

"Well for starters I've been calling your name forever, second your eyes kinda changed into a lighter color." She said

I just chuckled and she brushed it off but was still looking at me from the corner of her eyes while the game began.
I soon found myself walking out to my car outside Athena's house about to go home, I looked up at the sky to see the sun setting.

Oh no, I forgot my phone inside her house, quickly I go over to the front door knocking, after a couple of seconds I just turned the door knob and opened the door.

I walked in and immediately walk up to the game room to find my phone on the bean bag chair.

'Must of dropped it'.' I said to myself.

I walked down the stairs and am about to walk out but something seems off. It's too quite and Athena didn't hear me come in.

I sniff the air to find her scent and I find it leading to her basement I didn't know she had. As I get closer I hear loud grunts and some banging I quickly make my way down to come to a door. I opened it a little not to peek in but once I opened it up wider I see she is just working out.

The gym is amazing it kinda look like ours we have back at the pack house. I look around and spot Athena in workout clothes, she has a black sports bra on and matching bottoms punching the beans out of it.

"Athena"? I asked in shock.
She turns around with sweat coming down her forehead.

"Jasmine, what are you doing here I thought you left"? She asked coming closer.

"Yeah I was about to but I left my phone upstairs, what are you doing"? I asked getting curious.

She sighed out grabbing a towel and wiping at her head, "Well for as long as I can remember my mother always trained me to defend myself, so right now I'm just working out to keep my routine going, she'll kill me if I even miss one day of it." She says laughing a little at the end.

It was strange, Athena's mom sure is an odd one, first she moves into a pack house, next she trains her daughter.

I wonder what for?

"That's weird uh is there anything I can help with"? I ask trying to investigate further.

"Well I um, actually need someone to spar with, but I don't want to ask you since you didn't have training." She says slowly not trying to hurt my feelings.

I scoffed her answer, I'm the strongest warrior in my pack I can even take out Greyson if I wanted and he's the gamma of the pack. I'm not going to let some human take me down.

I smirk at her,"Well I accept your offer Athena, may the best win."

"Okay, but it's your funeral." She says with a smirk of her own.

We step onto the blue mat start to circle each other until we both get into our fighting stance stopping. I go for a simple punch to the stomach but Athena swiftly dodges it. I go for a kick to the ribs but Athena grabs my leg and brings me down.

Now I'm getting mad, I am going very easy on her because she was human but now I know that she can handle it, I'll send her crying.

'You must not hurt out luna though jasmine, I won't allow it'. My wolf Ella speaks.

I ignore her and come at Athena full speed with punches, kicks everything but she dodges most and only get hits a couple times which should of had put her on butt.

She comes at me with an attack and I watch her moves and find out where she was going to hit, but in a quick motion Athena swings her leg and kicks me in the ribs.

For a human like her I'm surprised it even hurt, I growled out in frustration and this seems to have gotten Athena's attention.

"Did you just growl"? She asks frowning.

"Pfft no, I mean that's just weird." I say covering it up and she just shrugs.

Me and Athena never finished our sparing because I had got a call from my mom, so now I'm here pulling up to my house.

I don't live in the pack house, me and my mom moved out after dad died there is too many people there.

I go in the house to be greeted by my mom cooking dinner. I said my greetings and went up stairs to take a shower before dinner. I quickly make it up stairs and into my bathroom to strip off my clothes.

I gasped when I look in the mirror, there is a bruise where Athena kicked me which is healing slowly.

'A human can't do that to a werewolf, no matter how strong they are, it's just impossible'. Ella told me.

I take a shower and then go down to eat. After I ate I went upstairs to my bedroom and got under the covers. I closed my eyes but remember I had to tell Kaden.

'Kaden I'll tell you everything tomorrow'. I said, I know he heard me so I just went to sleep not waiting for his response.

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