Weak! Kyle x Protective! Reader((EDITED))

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~Hey guys soz i couldn't fit the whole title in but its an STICK OF TRUTH STORY and your Kyle's queen😍😍 This is a request from slut_of_southpark Request are still open...ENJOY THE STORY!!😙😙

~Your POV~

Today is the day, the humans would invade but... my king is unwell and the best healers are trying to heal him...I'm worried for him, he has never been this weak.

I now sit next to him, holding his hand, "Kyle how are we going to defend the humans?" I said looking into his emerald green eyes

"(y/n), I'm getting better, I just won't be able to fight in this invasion" he said sitting up.

"Ok, I'll fight this one, for you kyle," I said letting go of his hand

"Just be safe," he said kissing my cheek gently, I nodded and stood up leaving the healers tent.

I walk proudly up to the throne and stood upon the elves, "Hello my people, today we will fight for our king and keep the stick safe, so be prepared for anything" I said raising my staff and the elves cheered and got back to preparing for battle.

I was helping with preparing when a ringing sound meets my ears.....it was the invasion horn, I felt my heart beat pumping and my blood rushing.....I turned to see the human pouring in through the gates. I raised my staff and started fighting the humans, I could hear the screams of pain and the floor turn to red from the human's blood.

I was fighting a human when in the corner of my eye, I saw the grand wizard king enter the healer's tent, my blood ran cold and I froze. My blood started to boil, I ended the human's life and ran to the tent, killing every human in my path, as I entered the tent. Cartman had a knife on Kyle's throat, my eyes widened in shock and without thinking, I hitting cartman in the head with my staff.

He turned around and saw me, "Well, well, isn't (y/n).....level 15 fighter and kyle's queen, how cute.NOT! Well before I kill Kyle...I guess I have to kill you" He said, swinging his knife at me, I grabbed a hidden dagger from my boot and stood across Cartman, he chuckled and swung. I felt my arm start to burn, I took a glimpse at it and blood started to drip down my arm.

I ignore it and continued fighting, I swung my dagger and I missed. He smirked and throw his knife at me, he missed and the knife was in an unknown location, I looked at him and his smirk drops. I ran at him and plunged the knife into his stomach, all the color from his face turned to a paste white. His blood fell onto my hands staining them red, I let go of the knife making him drop to the ground, I breathed out heavily and looked at kyle, he stared at me wide-eyed.

I chuckle and walk over to him and sit next to him, "Kyle are you ok?" I said he just nodded and grabbed my chin and kissed me.

I blush and kiss back. "(y/n) you are sexy when you fight" he said, I blush madly

"Anyway I need to go tell the human's there king is no more" I started standing up, I felt a hand grab mine, kyle got up from his bed and walked out with me, we walk over the throne, "Human kingdom!! Your king is no more!! Now... GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY KINGDOM!!" I yelled pointing to the gates, the humans retreated and the elves cheered "Our king is well and this calls for a celebration!!" I said still holding kyle's hand and the elves began the clean the kingdom and getting for the celebration, Kyle grabbed my face and kissed me, he wrapped his arms around me and I wrapping my arms around his neck, the elves cheered.

~Sorry if it sucked but I liked it~

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