Fairy tail here I come!!

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(Y/n pov)

Hi I'm y/n claws and im a mood dragon slayer. A mood dragon slayer is when you can change into different dragon slayer magic. My exceed is nnamed melody. Me and sasha are on a train but im on the floor on the edge of throwing up.
"Is she alright? " asked a train worker guy
"Yea this Always happens..."melody said while sweatdropping
Sasha flew me out of the train.
"Yay im alive!!"I said while fist pumping the air
"So where are we?"asked melody
"Were at magnolia,Lucy said there is a guild here named fairy tail and told us to join !"I explained
We were exploring magnolia and hearing tons of people whispering
"Wow she's so adorable !!"
"She so cute"
"Is she a wizard?"
"Is she a princess?"
(Don't judge me it came in mind 😛)
I was sweat dropping while I heard these things.
I arrived in front of fairy tail guild.
"Wow its so big"melody said in amazed
"What are we waiting for ?!?"I said in excitement
"Fairy tail here we come!"me and melody said before opening the door

(Lucy pov)(before you came)
I was at the bar with Ezra talking about taking a job when mira gave me letter. I opened it and read it.
"NO WAY!"I said in excitement
"What is it?!?"Ezra said
"Y/N is coming! !" I said
I explained to her who Y/N was and she was amazed.
"When is she coming ?"Ezra asked
"In 40 minutes " I said
"GRAY,Natsu and everyone Listen up!!"Ezra said to everyone
"Lucy's best friend is coming and I want everyone in there best behavior and if anyone is mean to her ...."Ezra said with a death glare
"Aye !"everyone said scared
'Since when were they happy?'
(40 min later)
"She should be here any minute !"me and Ezra said at the same time with excitement
"Alright can't wait to fight him!"Natsu said while fistpumping the air
"Natsu its not a boy its a gi-"I said
"No way firebreath ill fight him!!"gray said while stripping
"Who asked you elsa!?!?"natsu said while fighting with gray
Soon everyone was fighting
"Stop!!!"Ezra said but everyone didint heard and Ezra joined in the fight
Soon the door open showing a short girl with red hair and blue eyes. A table headed towards her.
"Y/n!!!" I yelled which made everyone stop
The table flew to her and ...
Sorry if this is short the next chapter is coming after this one. 😸stay tuned

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